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How Does Increased Muscle Mass Benefit Your Body?

by Tatiana Plesco
Increased Muscle

Increased levels of muscle mass look great on both men and women. People with fit, toned, strong bodies are aesthetically attractive and seem to exude extra confidence about them that comes from good health. But aside from the aesthetic appeal of a well-defined physique, there are many other benefits to increasing your muscle mass and strength and maintaining a strong physique well into later life. Here are even more reasons to hit the gym and lift weights regularly.

Increased Strength

A heavy workout damages muscle fibers which are then rebuilt afterward in recovery. In general, the more muscle mass we have, the more weight we will be able to lift or push. If you don’t use your muscles for an extended period of time, they degenerate and you lose your strength. Increasing your strength is obviously a good thing and has a range of benefits, from protecting your joints and reducing your risk of injury to problem areas like the back.

increased strength

Increased strength means your body becomes a more stable and agile structure and you are able to perform tasks with ease. There are also substantial psychological benefits from increasing your strength as well. Research has proven that strength training improves our brain’s ability to perform practical cognitive tasks.

Help Your Bones 

Strong muscles help preserve and maintain healthy bone density. As people age, bone density becomes a more pressing issue and maintaining a healthy bone density wards against the development of osteoporosis, and helps guard your bones against accidental breaks. The best way to build strong bones is to strengthen them by putting them under a heavy load, and gradually increasing their capacity to resist heavy forces. One of the best ways to do this is by weight training and working your body under tension with exercises involving power bands. This, in turn, will build strong muscles.

help your bones

Muscle Mass Keeps You Healthy

Another benefit of having an increased amount of muscle mass is that it helps to fend off diseases and infections by allowing your body a reserve of protein that can be drawn on at times of need. In the absence of dietary protein, when your body is under stress, such as after extended periods of exercise like a marathon, or at times of bad health, your body might begin to break down your muscles to use the protein to feed the stressed organs.

muscle mass



A gym is a place where people can put in an effort and see results from that effort in a relatively short amount of time. The benefits are both physical and psychological and can give you the motivation to set goals and achieve those goals through no other pathway but hard work. Getting into good shape takes commitment, it takes hard work, consistency, discipline and it can’t be faked. You can’t cheat your way to a great physique. Because of this, and because everyone knows this, being in great shape will give you a huge boost of confidence in your ability to achieve.

Humans are designed to be active, not sedentary beings that sit at desks of the majority of each week. Physical exercise, manual labor, and weight training lead to increasing your body’s muscle mass, providing you with a range of benefits. A lack of exercise and reduced amount of muscle mass can lead to osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, fragile bones and a reduced capacity to recover from illnesses. Regular weight training improves the quality of your life, giving you a physical edge and a psychological boost in your confidence to hit targets and master techniques.

Updated: 25 April 2019

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