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How Does The Free Play And Time Spent Outside Contributes On Child’s Development?

by Tatiana Plesco
Child's Development

Research shows that nature and time spent in nature, have positive effects on the child’s character and his health condition in general.

Contact with nature enhances creativity, improves cognitive skills, reduce the rate of obesity and many others. In addition, recent studies show that not only nature can have this effect, but also play free has an important impact on health because of the effect of “executive function”, as they call themselves teachers.
Executive function is an educational term, used to refer to several cognitive abilities, including the ability of an organization, the spirit of initiative and the ability to move from one activity to another.
Children with an executive function (including those diagnosed with ADHD) are more unorganized than other children. You can take an eternity to dress or feel overwhelmed even simple household tasks. School and homework they may become true nightmares because they repeatedly wandering specifications or let their heaviest homework at the last minute.
executive function
According to a new study by psychologists at the University of Colorado, allocating leisure playground has a direct and positive impact on the executive function.
Executive function is an important positive indicator for integration in the school’s academic performance and success in life, including the ability to gain employment and to maintain optimal health.
Play free unorganized is the secret Society in which we live is one full of fear and who gave up many of its old habits on generations considered them normal, especially playing unorganized and without watching them all the time, which, for a mother of today, it is hard to imagine.

And, however, children who have more time to play, they are more involved in volunteer activities, choose the cards themselves to read and spend more time in nature, proved to have an executive function better.

Kevin and Bella Plesco
In the opinion of Jessica Lahey, educator, speaker and author of the book “The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed” (“the gift of failure: How do I learn the best parents to give up control to leave the children to succeed”):
“Play for free, unorganized is one of the most valuable educational opportunities that we can offer our children. ” In 2015, Peter Grey, a Professor of psychology at Boston College, who studies the benefits that free play for human development, published the book “Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self Reliant, and Bitter Students for Life “(” free to learn: why the opened playgrounds in children’s instinct make them happier, more confident and better prepared for life “). He stated:
children playgrounds
Free play is the way nature teaches children that they are not helpless.
Through play, away from the adults, the children have control and can learn to appreciate it. In free play, children learn to take their own decisions, to solve their own problems, to create rules and make them respect and treat others as equals, not as subordinates subject. “

What is the solution?

It’s time to give to children the freedom to think and to let you feel the taste of nonconformism.
The way in which they relate to things and preferences they demonstrate that what “thinking” younger is not always what their parents think they’re thinking “.
Children need to be heard. Their parents often are the influence, but also have a tendency to not keep in mind the feelings of children in times of emotional stress, which often happens due to the fact that they are obliged to respect the rules, too many to analyze too much, etc.
Policymakers and analysts blame on parents for ii problems of the behavior of young people, but a flexible parental education is more effective than a unique approach to be applied in all cases. Kids are not robots-they are unique. If we want to evolve, you have to let them be kids, as only they know how to do it.

Updated on 07-08-2020

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