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How Many Of You Know That Spf Can Be Found In Foods As Well

by Tatiana Plesco

If your diet is rich in the foods below, you are better protected from UV

You spent plenty of time in the Sun this summer to know how important is solar protection and how bad can UV harm you. But even if you regularly applied the best creams/moisturizers, don’t forget to get your sun hat with you, perhaps you’re still be exposed to UV rays, even in cloudy days. This is why it wouldn’t hurt to try another method of protection, that will improve the system of self-defense of your skin from the inside out, and not just on the outside. How do you do that? Consuming foods that will pack you with extra SPF. Bonus: many of them have antioxidant properties.

  • Green tea

Known for its benefits in weight loss, green tea is full of antioxidants that proved to reduce the risk of cancer. The leaves of green tea offer protection against injury by photo-solar radiation, blocking UV rays that cause skin cancer. Apply directly to the skin the extract of green tea leaves and consume it twice a day.

  • Tomatoes

 Because they have a rich content of lycopene, which improves collagen levels in the skin, skin elasticity, neutralizing the negative effects of sunlight. Consume them fresh in salads.

  • Pomegranate

The ellagic acid and anti-inflammatory substances that are found in the seeds of the pomegranate offer an extra layer of skin protection. Pomegranates contain the most powerful antioxidants that exist, and they by definition protect against free radicals produced by the interaction of sunlight with the cellular structures of the skin. Consume them with quinoa, nuts, and spices, or as such.

  • Salmon

Rich in Omega3, salmon protects against skin cancer thanks to its impressive levels of vitamin D, which increases skin tolerance in contact with UV rays. It is best to eat it raw (sushi or sashimi) to enjoy higher levels of Omega 3.

  • Black chocolate

Full of flavonoids meant to improve blood circulation in the vessels of the heart, black chocolate helps blood vessels to dilate, which is especially useful when you’ve already got a sunburn because it will hurry the healing. Have it in your favorite yogurt at breakfast.

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