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How The Groom Should Dress On His Big Beach Wedding Day

by Tatiana Plesco
groom dress on wedding day

The moment you pop the question, to your wonderful bride to be, is the moment that you may feel that your part the big day is over… apart from turning up on the day.

Getting excited for the big day is usually limited to grandmothers, mothers of the bride and 12-15-year-old girls, as well as other female friends of the bride. Everyone else is there because they have to be, whether they have been invited or are a plus one on the wedding invite.

 There are so many individual things that need to be considered, the location, the venue, the catering, the dress, the fake tan, the makeup…

 For one reason or other men can get shunned out from the wedding preparations, with their job solely to agree on the woman’s decisions. However, the good news is, times are changing. More and more men have a bigger input on their wedding day than ever before.

 One area that they are having a great deal of input is on their own wedding attire. Gone are the days of the bride to be dictating what you need to wear. However, choosing your own grooms to wear needs some careful thought and consideration as every wedding is different.

You will need to consider the time of year you are getting married, as well as the location and venue. These are extremely important, especially if you are looking to get married on the beach or other exotic location.

 There are a couple of more things that you will need to consider when choosing your wedding attire. Firstly, think about the wedding itself. You will need to pick something that compliments the theme which your wife to be, or wedding planner will be running with. Secondly, you want your wedding attire to say something about you, as a person, as an individual, but also fitting in with point one.

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 There are a lot of options available to you, especially for a beach wedding, as you have a little more freedom when it comes to picking your attire and this is down to the most relaxed nature of a beach wedding. Furthers more depending on where you get married you may want to have a think about local traditions and customs. These can easily feature in what you wear, as you wait for the bride to make their walk down the aisle.

 This may be the most important consideration if you are getting married on the beach, and that is to ‘stay cool’. This is not a reference from the Fonz in Happy Days, it really does mean: stay cool.

 You can achieve this in what you wear. If you are getting married on the beach, somewhere the weather is going to be warm at any given time of day; you will want to consider wearing linen. There are plenty of linen shirts for men that you can take a look at, and the odds of finding one where you feel comfortable, cool and yourself is very high.

 You may think linen shirts are very dull, normally worn by seniors when they visit the beach, however, linen shirts can come in a variety of different colors and patterns.

 Once you have picked out your linen shirt, it is time to start considering the rest of your beach wedding outfit.

 Now is the time to start thinking about pants. You have gone for the linen shirt, but can you go for linen pants too? The simple answer to this is yes.  Linen pants are something that you should consider at the very least, with lots of styles and colors available, mixing and matching with your linen shirt should be easy. However, if you think linen pants may be too much, then you can always look at other lightweight materials like cotton, or even see how your shirt looks like a pair of shorts. You just need to remember that you need to fit in with the wider wedding as a whole.

 Now, once you have your shirt and pants organized for your big day you need to have a think about shoes.

 Choosing a pair of shoes is probably the most difficult thing to get right at a beach wedding. Of course, depending on where you are getting hitched, shoes may not be appropriate at all. You may feel that not wearing any shoes is actually a better fit and a better way to go. However, if you do need to have a look at shoes you have a number of options available to you. Take a look at some standard sandals, a pair that will already complement your existing shirt and pants, as they may be your best option. Alternatively, you should find out more about what canvas shoes are available. There are a number of outlets that will sell canvas shoes, especially in the spring and summer months, so you will not find getting hold of a pair any trouble at all.

 Now, get hold of some accessories to finish your look and you are ready for your big day.

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