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How to Accessorize a Suit

by Tatiana
How to Accessorize a Suit
How to Accessorize a Suit

The standard suit can oftentimes feel samey and boring, particularly if you’re someone who has to wear one every day. In such a corporate world, suits are commonly worn on a daily basis by businessmen who must uphold a certain exterior. The traditional purpose of a suit was to maintain a professional exterior, stripping the wearer of any individual personality. Despite this, this is what a lot of men hate about a suit; they feel that they’re dressed in the exact same way as their colleagues and lack expression. Though you may be restricted to suits in your workwear, there are ways that you can jazz them up and make them your own.

The best way to individualize your suits is through the proper use of accessories. These are subtle yet effective ways of adding a personalized spin to your otherwise professional attire. After all, professionalism doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice every ounce of individuality and professionalism. There are many accessories on the market that allow you to maintain professionalism without sacrificing your individual style. Whether you want to inject some charm or novelty into your work attire, there is a solution for you. But what sort of accessories are available to truly convey your personality to your colleagues and clients?


You can buy men’s cufflinks in the UK and all manner of countries across the globe. Though they’re often deemed as rather formal accessories that are typically reserved for events such as weddings, they can be a nice touch to your work attire. The options are endless when it comes to cufflinks, with endless colour palettes, materials, and shapes to choose from. As a rule of thumb, cufflinks should be minimal, as their purpose is to enhance an outfit, rather than steal focus from it. Despite this, there are no rules when it comes to fashion, and you should accessorize to suit your style and personality.

Generally, you can’t go wrong with Art Deco cufflinks; Art Deco is the combination of rich materials, fine craftsmanship, and modern styles. Everyone is a winner when it comes to Art Deco, as a quality design and modern appearance is guaranteed. The easiest color to match with any suit is silver, so if you’re opting for one pair of cufflinks to work with every suit, you’ll want to be on the hunt for a silver set. Other metallic shades such as gold or bronze may clash with other colours on your suit, making your ensemble look clumsy. The right cufflinks can be a nice touch to your corporate attire.


Watches have almost lost their functionality as time-telling apparatus due to the prominence of smartphones. Despite this, the appearance of a watch is now more important than ever as they’re solely statemented pieces, rather than time-telling equipment. Watches are investments, so you want to ensure that you have one that is suited to every occasion, as well as one that will still be fashionable in a decade’s time. A watch says a lot about its wearer, making it extremely important that you select the right one. In addition to this, the selection of watches is endless, making the process of narrowing it down all the more difficult.

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