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How To Buy Right Indian Outfits For Wedding

by Tatiana Plesco
Indian weddings

Indian weddings are loved for their grandeur, liveliness, and use of colors, making a complete show in itself. The big fat Indian weddings are well known for their intensity and so are the Indian wedding outfits. Apart from rituals, dancing, celebration and decoration, the wedding dresses to add glamor to the entire ceremony. The outfits that can be worn at an Indian wedding are elaborate. There are plenty of options, for both men and women, to choose the right outfit for an Indian wedding from Indian wedding dresses for women.

Wedding dresses are generally heavy with sequin work, stones and a lot of embroideries done with gold or silver threads. Some of the outfits that are generally worn in an Indian wedding are:

  • Lehengas

Lehengas’ are full ankle-length flared long skirts that come in different styles. They are adorned with embroidered fabric with intricate patterns and decorative stones stitched on them. The lehenga is worn with a ‘choli’, a midriff-baring blouse. For an Indian wedding, choose a lehenga-choli in a bright color.

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  • Sari

‘Saris’ are the common outfit in an Indian wedding. Sari consists of a drape, generally varying from four to nine yards. From one end of the length, the sari is wrapped around the waist and others end is draped around shoulders with baring-midriff. Sari is the most sensuous and elegant outfit for an Indian wedding. Before considering Sari for an Indian wedding, make sure you either learn to drape a sari or have someone drape it for you in an Indian style.

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Wedding dresses for men:

  • Sherwanis

Traditionally, men wear ‘Sherwanis’, along with embroidered coat made of thick fabric. Underneath it, they wear a kurta, a long shirt. ‘Jodhpuri suits’ can also be worn on Indian wedding. It is a fusion of traditional Indian and western wear.

Before choosing any Indian dresses to wear at weddings. You need to consider the following factors

  • Attire

Choose an attire that suits your body frame. Saris generally can be worn by anybody but if you aren’t comfortable to show even a bit of your midriff, consider wearing a lehenga-choli, with choli that could cover your midriff, and a ‘dupatta’ draped over your chest and flared at your waist. They heavy sequin work or embroidery of the dupatta will hide the midriff portion.

  • Season

Consider the season you are attending the wedding in. Your outfit should be suitable for the season.

  • Color

Indian weddings are never dull and boring. Choose an outfit in vibrancy cooler. Indian brides usually opt for outfits in red as red color is considered to bring good luck and happiness. Try to avoid plain white outfits because wearing white is not considered good for traditional Indian weddings.

  • Cost-effective

Indian outfits are available in every price range because they come in thousands of varieties, colors, patterns, and fabrics. Keep a budget of how much you want to spend on the outfit and on the accessories. To get them at the best price, buy them from a wholesale and keep a watch on deals available online.

Indian weddings are majestic affairs and everything is done over the top. But, try not to overdo when it comes to attire and accessories. Elegance with vibrant is the key. If you are going to attend a wedding in India make sure you get Indian Visa ready on time as during the peak wedding seasons, it could get a little difficult to travel to India. With these tips, you are sure to look stunning at an Indian wedding.

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