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How To Care For Wavy And Curly Hair?

by Tatiana Plesco
Curly Hair

Caring for curly and wavy hair can be a tough task and if you have any doubts, ask women with curly and wavy hair. Perfect curls and a bouncy mop of hair look pretty, but to get there, it needs proper care and attention. The texture of your hair is the deciding factor on how you should take care of it. This article will discuss some of the basic hair care needs for curly and wavy hair.

  • For curly hair:

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Conditioning hair is a top priority for all types of curly hair. Straight hair and wavy hair have the benefit of getting natural scalp oil. However, this is not the case for curly hair. Brushing is required for scalp oil to properly moisturize hair. This is not possible for curly hair due to their texture that does not allow constant brushing. Shampooing might also serve to dehydrate curly hair, so they need proper conditioning. Hair feels dry after shampooing since the cuticle is opened up due to warm water and the cleaners are able to flow into the hair shaft. Hair experts, therefore, recommend a hair care routine for curly hair that includes deep conditioning treatments at least twice in a month, in order to maintain the healthy shape of the curls. Along with deep conditioning treatments, moisturizing masques are also recommended by hair experts to provide suppleness and moisture to dry and brittle hair without weighing it down.

  • For wavy to loosely curly hair:

In case, this type of hair, the hair gets curlier with increasing length and they have a high tendency to fall flat. To add life to those waves and loose curls, it is important to use a mouse or a light gel to prevent frizz formation during the styling process. You could use a volumizing shampoo or a conditioner for this type of hair that gives a bouncy effect. Define the curls with an ultra-light mousse that will not weigh down the waves. If you want to add extra definition to the curls, then use a curl enhancing mist to lock in the texture and to hold it in place.

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  • For medium curly hair:

Medium curls could be loose curls mixed with tight ones or just big curls. Moisturize this type of hair to prevent frizz and to keep it smooth as well as healthy and style it well to maintain the perfect definition. There is no need to comb or brush curly hair because it has a tendency to become frizzy. Hydrate your curls using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you want to soften your curls, then use a curl controller. This will make the hair smooth and shiny as well. Use a frizz-fighting product with moisturizing creams to turn rough curls into perfect spirals.

  • For tightly curly hair:

This type of hair will form z-shaped ringlets even when they are stretched out. In deep conditions, such curly hair to reduce tangles and to maintain best shapes. Avoid shampoo products since it makes this type of hair very dry. Just use a cleansing conditioner.

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