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How To Check Your Car Before A Road Trip

by Tatiana Plesco

Are you planning to go on a road trip soon? Then, safety is an essential aspect of anyone’s life, considering that, it is necessary that before embarking on a journey, you check the condition of your car to run smoothly on the roads. This will help you to avoid possible breakdowns and avoid accidents.

  • Check The Fluids

Check the fluids in the car. These conditions are necessary and easy to do before a trip includes checking the brake fluid, oil levels, and the coolant that helps to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. 

  • Carry A Spare tire

You must always carry your spare tire with you. This and other tires intact in your car should be checked for air pressure; normally, there are marks on the side of the car tires to show the maximum air pressure that should not be exceeded. This is often on the foremost part near the driver’s door.

  • Ensure Car lights Work Efficiently

Ensuring car lights are working is another vital precaution to take before embarking on a road trip. In case you will require a second party to check whether the lights are working while you turn them on and off. In case there is a problem with the lighting system, it should be replaced immediately.

  • Ensure Signals Are Functional

It is also necessary to check and ensure that the signals are functional. This will ensure no inconveniences when you want to take a turn while driving and also reduce the chances of an accident.

  • Do not Forget Engines.

Engines, just like human beings, require plenty of clean air to perform effectively. Therefore, essential to check your air filter before taking a road trip. The tires are also bound to wear and tear as you use them over and over and therefore, should be checked using a tread gauge and penny. Their wear and tear commonly result from the heat buildup which, if not taken care of, can lead to bursting of the tire.

  • Replace The Old Oil

 It is essential to change the oil before you start your journey. This is because if the time is due and you do not change immediately, it will cause much stress on the car. But many people are having the habit of not obliterate the old oil but replace the old oil and add on it with new oil, but remember not to do that. Apart from all those things, it’s also essential to have the gadgets which you should never miss in your car are the fire extinguishers, medical kits, flares, and flashlights. These are emergency gadgets that are meant to be in your vehicle for individual cases. Besides that, it’s also important to book a practical driving test to make your journey a memorable moment.

  • Car Covers

It is essential to bring the car cover before you start your journey. This is because if the time is due and you do not change immediately, it will cause much dust on the car.

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Updated: 17 July 2020

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