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How to Convince your Mind to Crave Healthy Foods

by Tatiana Plesco
Healthy Foods
One of the most difficult obstacles of the past in the transition to a healthy lifestyle is food cravings.
Although many are trying to overcome them through will power, considering that, statistically speaking, 95% of those pertaining to the initial weight of the regime, it is clear that you need something more than just willpower when you want to get hold of a healthy regimen.
However, it is not impossible to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you just have to find another way. New studies prove what people know much healthy: to be healthy is a habit that is achieved.

Crave Healthy Foods

I mean, as you won’t wake up in the morning at a certain time like brushing your teeth before going to bed, as you get used to eat-and even crave-healthy foods. Recent studies published in Frontiers of Psychology shows that when rats were fed with unhealthy foods, displayed a lower appetite for healthy foods.
crave healthy foods
The researchers who conducted the study were of the opinion that the same dynamic is valid and the people. The more you eat more unhealthy food, and how much use it more often as a form of payoff, with both a crave more-regardless of the feeling of hunger or caloric need body content.
Although it seems discouraging, the good news is that there’s a flip side: and we can educate your brain to crave healthy foods. A study recently published in Nutrition and diabetes showed exactly that.
The study divided participants-all overweight and obese-in two groups. One group took part in a program of behavioral intervention, while the second group had a cricket, with controlled portions, with content rich in fiber and protein. The first group was the control group and did not have a specific diet.

Healthy Foods & Unhealthy Foods

At the beginning and at the end of the study have done brain MRI tests on the participants to see the reaction of the brain’s reward Centrer-Striatum at the sight of some images with healthy foods and unhealthy.
healthy foods and unhealthy
At the end of six months of study, not only as participants who followed a healthy diet lost an average of 6 kg, but has changed and how their minds react to images with healthy foods and unhealthy.
If at the beginning of the study purpose images with sweet food, full of fat and calories engender a lot of activity in the Striatum, the study area of the brain react less to unhealthy foods such as fried potatoes and farther from healthy ones, such as salads.
This change did not take place and the group that did not follow a healthy diet. Based on the different results obtained by the two groups, the researchers concluded that a healthy diet maintained for six months has rescheduled its participants crave brains healthy foods instead of unhealthy.

Consider Healthy Foods

Through a healthy diet, participants were auto educated and have come to consider healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, and salads as a reward, instead of fast-food and ice cream.
healthy foods
These studies show that what you eat and what you crave can become realities. If you eat healthily, you will want to eat healthy foods, and unhealthy if you eat, you will want to eat foods that are not good for you.
So next time when you are craving something, don’t forget, you have the power to educate your mind and taste buds-you just need to choose healthier in order to rewire your brain.

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