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How To Cure Your Gums Naturally

by Tatiana Plesco
Cure Your Gums

Severe gingivities diseases look to a certain extent with permeable casings. When the chewed food, very small particles that are supposed to pass through the digestive system get into the bloodstream.

This creates all kinds of problems, the immune system, triggering an inflammatory reaction that perpetuated gingivitis. A dental infection can lead to serious illnesses, especially if the infected tooth has fillings.
Tooth decay and cavities, a root canal may be small incubators for bacteria, where they provide habitats and grow, becoming very strong.
The infection develops and at some point the rest of the body and enters in, getting into the bloodstream and causing all sorts of problems and diseases.
The bacteria can survive and prosper in difficult conditions. Are representative of the phrase: “What don’t you kill yourself strengthens”. Please correct your typical Western diet is very acidic, rich in toxic and inflammatory fats from many points of view.
The acidity of the body must be corrected. The blood must permanently maintain a certain level of pH, that is slightly alkaline. When we eat raw products, even more, products such as lemon, sour the effect of balancing the pH. Almost all processed foods, refined, from a trade, have an effect on the body acid.
When the blood is acidic, the body steals minerals from other sources to correct pH. This has, as a result, diminish the necessary minerals for bones and teeth. Fats are either inflammatory or have the opposite effect. Both types of fat are needed, but the Western diet is inflammatory and full of fat, to aggravate things, many fats are not natural and are highly toxic.
That’s why a Westerner’s body has grown accustomed to sore significantly in many ways.

Foods to avoid for good oral health:

  • Refined foods
  • Foods that increase acidity
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Convenience/ precooked products
Foods to avoid
Gingivitis is an infection, and sugar feeds the infection. Sugar nourishes us and us, but only when there is a complex form into a full product.
Refined sugars are good for internal parasites. When food is processed in a manner which it also cheapens all minerals, fortifying its product can’t do either as before.
Whether it is bread, pasta, white rice or potato chips, those food attack teeth and (ii) predisposes to an infection that can result in bleeding gums. Refined products will nourish and infections in the mouth. You need to eat for healthy gum and mouth For good oral health, it should be consumed fresh, more vegetables than fruit, but the important thing is to be whole and raw. They have the ability to heal.
Brown rice, quinoa, sprouted legumes, vegetables cooked in a pan quickly, and many whole foods are beneficial, but only raw, fresh products and organic have the ability to heal. Restores the intestinal balance is extremely difficult to have good oral health, given that you have poor intestinal health.
Anyone who has problems in the oral cavity should adopt a detoxification cure which will repair the bowels, to kill Candida and other internal parasite and to restore the balance of intestinal flora. Good health starts in the intestines, but also problems. Here’s what you need to chew … Chew garlic with an open mouth; inspire and expire.
Let the juices to reach all the affected areas and spits when taste becomes too intense. You can try the same thing with cinnamon, turmeric, or ginger. Repeat several times a day.

Quit smoking

Whether it’s cigarettes or marijuana is very harmful to the mouth.
As well as inhaling fumes, though not quite as much. If you want a healthy mouth, but continue to smoke regularly, all you can hope for is that there are remedies to prevent things not to get worse.
The practice has shown that, in the case of those who have followed such a natural treatment and continued to smoke, things have worsened and, in general, the symptoms improve, but the mouth was not completely healed.

Give up toothpaste and toxic mouthwash

toxic mouthwash
Even if you purchase quality toothpaste, check the label first to make sure that does not contain any of the following ingredients: 
Sodium lauryl sulfate (LSS):
A toxic foaming agent that proved large as frequency and intensity may be thrush, along with many other negative effects on health.
An endocrine disruptive, a chemical that harms the environment, used to destroy bacteria. Artificial colors, flavors, or any other artificial substances added: no artificial products! All these ingredients have proven that can cause problems for health and the last thing you need in a mouth infected are toxins.
Hydrated silica:
this ingredient is designed to remove stains, but it is a chemical image has proven that accumulates on teeth in time and destroys enamel. At first effect and all those who use a toothpaste with whitening are pleased with the initial results, but over time, teeth begin to lose sharpness.
Alcohol dries soft tissue affects the gums and promote inflammation. There are better ways to kill microbes of the gums.
And most importantly, avoid toothpaste that contains flour. Use a toothpaste made in house clean teeth three times daily with a toothpaste that is made after the following recipe:
  • Coconut oil and baking soda in equal parts
  • Add essential oil to taste
  • Add (optional) to taste
  • Six tablespoons oil and 6 tablespoons of baking soda
  • Add 10-15 drops of essential oil
    You can use essential oil of peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves, lemon, Orange, Rosemary or another, after preferences.
Coconut oil and baking soda
Each essential oil has its own benefits besides flavor. It uses a single oil or a combination of oils.
They must be quality and extracted from the plant that you desire. Many oils come from different species of plants and have different properties.
Dry ingredients may also vary. You can add powdered mineral, oligo magnesium, and calcium bentonite clay and/or diatomaceous earth, eliminating the respective amount of sodium bicarbonate in order to keep consistency.
Trace minerals, calcium and magnesium powder and diatomaceous earth help remineralization, while bentonite clay removes impurities. Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) is added in many kinds of toothpaste, especially those with whitening effect.
But oxygen peroxide can irritate the gums, so it is better to be avoided.
There’s a third step in dental care for those facing gingivitis or preventive treatment: the Formula for teeth and gums to Dr. Shillington, which can be used as a mouthwash (1 ml per cup of water), toothbrush or together with ” toothache STA “(8-12 drops on toothbrush after brushing dental) or with shower oral (1-2 ml, but rinse well after use because tea tree oil to the rubber edge is not affected). After each of these methods, do not bathe your mouth; Let the ingredients to continue to act.
The formula for the teeth and gums to Dr. Shillington (uses only organic ingredients as much as possible).
  • 300 ml of tincture of echinacea
  • 1/4 cup tea tree oil
  • 120 ml tincture of wax
  • 3 spoons tree bark oak
  • 2 tbsp cayenne tincture
  • 2 1/2 ml peppermint oil
  • 2 1/2 ml oil of clove
formula for the teeth and gums
Mix all ingredients and make a tincture with a combination of water and alcohol in equal proportions. Shake well before using. Rinsing with oil is a traditional Ayurvedic oral care which involves rinsing the mouth with oil for 15-20 minutes.
Traditionally uses sesame oil, but nowadays it is recommended more coconut oil. To increase the efficiency of the treatment uses essential oils of peppermint, cinnamon or clove.
Tea tree oil or oregano are also very good, but way too strong.
Essential oils are used in very small quantities. Here are some recommendations for the use of essential oils for rinsing them with oil. Each of these combine with a tablespoon of coconut oil.
For bad breath: 2 drops of cinnamon, peppermint or Spearmint essential oil
Toothache: 2 drops of essential oil of cloves or tea tree or one of each
Thrush: 2 drops of essential oil of Holy Basil.
Gum disease: 2 drops of essential oil of cinnamon, cloves or tea tree.
Gums are withdrawn: add 2 drops of essential oil of myrrh (mir)
Decay: 2 drops of essential oil of tea tree or clove, or one drop of each of them.
Any infection of the mouth: 2 drops of essential oil of cloves or tea tree or one of each.
Updated on 06-08-2020

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