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How To Decrease Androgen Levels In Females

by Tatiana Plesco

Although the name androgen or the “male hormone” may not sound like something that you want in your body as a woman it is. A healthy female has a balanced amount of androgen in her body a deficiency can cause reactions and having too much androgen presents its own problems.

Continue reading this article to find out what androgen is, what having too much or too little can do to a female, and what you should do to decrease the amount in your body if you have too much.

  • What is Androgen?

Androgen is also known as a male hormone and as an androgenic hormone. Men and women naturally produce this hormone in our bodies. Main androgens are composed of testosterone and androstenedione. Testosterone is a well-known hormone that is needed in the creation of male characteristics in the body, particularly male sex characteristics. Androstenedione is a hormone that is primarily a stepping stone for testosterone in the body. In males, these hormones are crucial to their development, especially during puberty. Because of this males obviously have higher amounts of androgen in the bodies; however, women have it in their bodies as well. But why the heck is this male hormone in the female body in the first place?

  • The female body and androgen

Though androgen does produce masculine hormones it also has a use in the female body. Women produce androgen in the fat cells, ovaries, and adrenal glands. What is it used for if it produces masculine reactions? Ironically enough one of the main jobs of androgen in the female body is act as a building block. They are primarily used in order to convert them into estrogen which is a female hormone.

The androgens in the female body can be used to prompt many features of puberty such as the growth of underarm hair and pubic hair in the early to mid-teenage years. Our bodies don’t stop using androgens when we finish puberty. Androgen has also been credited with the loss of sexual satisfaction and desire in older women. Many medical professionals have also seen evidence that androgen assists in the regulation of several organs in the body including the kidneys, the reproductive tract, muscle, liver, and even the bones. In order to ensure that these functions continue your body should be producing an appropriate amount of androgen and when you have too much or too little your body reacts in different ways.

Having too much or too little androgen in the female body

  • The effects of having too little androgen

When a woman has a deficiency of androgen it can present several complications. The first complication could be a low libido, which lowers the desire and interest in sex. It could also cause you to be more prone to osteoporosis, bone loss, and injury to the bones. Thirdly, it can have major effects on women who are going through menopause. Menopause is a process that signifies the end of the time during a woman’s life when she can bear children. It is already a difficult process for the body, as it is a large transition. When androgen is low it can be made more aggravating by making hot flashes more frequent or more severe.

  • The effects of having too much androgen

When a female produces too much androgen it has its own unsavory complications. It can cause women to take on male characteristics. One of these characteristics is facial hair. An excess of androgen can confuse the female body and cause hair to grow on the chin or other places on the face, and it can cause hair loss in the form of balding.

Having too much androgen can also cause infertility, which many women see as a large problem in their childbearing years. It also can cause periods to be highly irregular. The last effect that we will discuss is acne; the imbalance of hormones can cause frequent breakouts and problem skin. However, there are ways to balance out the amount of androgen that a woman has in her body.

  • How to treat excess androgen

  1. Seek treatment from a medical professional. They can safely help you address and lower androgen levels.
  2. Eat mushrooms, they have a natural power to inhibit testosterone.
  3. Add foods that are high in fiber to your diet, they decrease androgen levels. While foods high in fat may raise it.
  4. Eat red clover; it contains anti-androgenic phytochemicals that lower testosterone and androstenedione.

In conclusion

Just like Goldilocks, you want your androgen production to be just right; not too little and not too high. However, if your high androgen level results in skin problems and you want to know how to treat adult acne you should consider Zero blew by Solvaderm Skincare. Zero blew is a light therapy for acne and relieves active breakouts while suppressing new breakouts from emerging.

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