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How to Develop in Your Kids a Perfect Image of Their Bodies?

by Tatiana Plesco

It is no secret that our society has become obsessed with physical appearance and had developed a fear of food. Whether it is of concern to your appearance, for hours at the gym, calorie counting according to the scheme or last, you’re not the only one who feels influenced everything he does.

What you think and what you say is what you think, and each of us has the right to believe in what he wants. But is it really possible to own rating on those around you more than you think? From an early age, children begin to form their own beliefs, often influenced by the people around them. Parents are the main influence when they are little and should not surprise you if you hear the same comments you make about food and physical appearance, coming from your kids.
Every time you despise because you have thick legs ‘ or ‘ because ‘ today you ate only nonsense ‘, you’re implanting new beliefs in your child’s mind. What you say about your body is what you think, and what you think is reflected not only in the way they are thinking but also through language and actions.

With time, your children will begin to consider more food standard for success and behavior … and you don’t want that, huh?

Many parents resort to therapists and nutritionists in order to prevent this to happen: how to do not to determine to get kids to think so? How to forbid all images created artificially? Do you think you have a chance to stop this? Though there are real reasons for concern, the solution comes from parents, who must heal them, first, their own perspectives. It’s nice to have good intentions, the harder it is to them and put into practice. In order to save others, you should consider what and when you say things first.
So how can you become a positive influence in the life of your son or daughter? Here are three tips to grow children confident that to love their body:

1. Do you own label/do not label anyone.

positive influence
It’s not the easiest but it is usually the fastest way to become a positive influence on your kids. No comment about how it was ‘ OK ‘ when you have respected the scheme. Do not assign negative appellations when you see someone’s body, not in the perfect shape. You are you and that is enough. You can teach your children not to be autocratic by educated yourself first not to judge after the way someone looks.
This does not mean that you can let them loot food temptations without a care about the effect they have on the body.

2. Offer others compliments for their energy, not for the way they look.

positive energy
Though when you say that a woman is beautiful appears harmless, a compliment is often a criterion for poor value, since, normally, the beautiful people are receiving more attention, admiration, affection, and happiness because of physical appearance. It is, in the best case, a compliment. Instead, offer people compliments for the way they make you feel or for the energy they give evidence. Tell people you’re heating up the soul. Tell them that they radiate or to a lady that she is glowing. Confess to your friends that have a contagious positive energy. This kind of compliments will count more, especially since I can give an example and those who hear them.

3. Do not judge according to appearance, or food.

Whenever you judge depending on food or physical appearance,  we say that a particular body is better than another, generating feelings of superiority and inferiority. If we want to build a community, you have to give up more to judge their physical appearance. If we want children confident that to accept their own body, then you have to show them that it doesn’t matter so much what it looks like, but what you choose to do with it.
The same thing is true for food. If we want our daughters to be confident we need to make their peace with food, instead of developing phobias and lists of foods ‘ banned ‘, should we learn that the food is not bad or good. It’s just food. In place to judge others for their food options, educate your children to appreciate food and its purpose. Give them information, without teaching them to judge. They will become cleaner, better and more confident about their bodies as well as inside-out appearance, and that’s all it matters when it comes to self-respect and the respect of others.

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