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How To Fight Hiccups During Early Pregnancy

by Tatiana Plesco

Most of the females who are moms now agree that the entire journey of pregnancy is full of changes. Hiccups, stomach ache, belching, swollen feet and hands, weight-gain, even projectile vomiting are some of the fellow travelers of the prenatal period.

During pregnancy, your lungs tend to breathe in more air than normal. You won’t believe but the rates of air in and air out rises manifolds, say around 30 – 40 %. This brings in a lot of oxygen to the body helping it function powerfully, but also hiccups.

Occasionally, females start watching themselves too closely, and even though they already have hiccups, they will sign them even more now. Because females become hyper-concerned about any variations happening to them when prenatal, they tend to think that hiccups are a new thing to them. This occurs because of the hormonal and motility variations your body undergoes during the prenatal period.

Some females also say that when they get pregnant, common hiccups is one of the earliest symptoms that tell them so. However, not many specialists agree that hiccups are a sign of pregnancy. Though they agree that shortness of sniff can be a sign of pregnancy, and hiccups may be connected to swallowing of more air than necessary. You are likely to have bouts of hiccups in the early perinatal period or late second trimester.

  • How to treat hiccups During Pregnancy?

  • Get reliefs to drink water

One of the most effective and workable methods to stop the series of hiccups is to drink water. Make sure you beverage the entire glass of water in one go and within one sniff. You can also breathe freshener with chilled water, it has been found to be effective.

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  • Nibble on a slice of lime

You can make a mixture of lime fluid, ginger, and honey and drink it as quickly as possible, but don’t choke you. This might help you.

  • Dissolving sugar under the tongue

One more remedy to deal with episodes of hiccups is to keep 1 tablespoon sugar under your tongue and wait till it melts and enters your body subliminally.

  • Try breathing practices

Inhaling exercises have also been proved helpful for getting rid of a series of hiccups. So, you can also effort them. One of the easiest among them is breathing the air, holding it for a while and let your breath out it slowly. You can also try inhaling inside a paper bag.

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