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How To Fill Your House With Peace And Joy? Hear What Marie Kondo Has To Advise

by Tatiana Plesco
Marie Kondo

At the beginning of this year, when the season changes, or simply when we feel that our house has become a tangle of suffocate things many of us take the decision to revolutionam our homes with a campaign of general orders. We are determined to make it go away without clothes from the wardrobe, clothes on the shelves in the kitchen and the books that layout of order, yet unread.

In such times, it’s natural to try to us a sense of uneasiness when we realize that after hours of dereticat, our rooms look like after an uprising or the order last… a lot less than the effort made to achieve. Have you thought in such a situation as gresiti somewhere? As do the cleaning method?
As you like a good fairy to come and assist you as Cenusarese? Well, this fairy exists. It’s not to us, but from afar, but has convinced millions of Asians, Americans, and Europeans that holds a true method that should be followed when we want to give out your home and, eventually, thoughts and heart, the burden of inutilului.
Her name Marie Kondo and considered to be ordered is both a customer and art which, when deprinsa, we can change your life for the better.
The most orderly woman in the world is Japanese Marie Kondo became famous in an area about which few we would have imagined that you can pull out of obscurity: consulting in the organization of living space and offices.
The concern of ordering their own dwellings, discovered in childhood, will later become the profession: at the age of 19 years, Marie Tokyo opens a Kondo-consulting firm in order to help clients transform their houses into disorderly harmonious spaces.
Today, at 34, shes called “the guru of organization” or “world order” sensation. Bestselling author and star of a series on Netflix (Tidying up with Marie Kondo), “superdisciplinata” Japanese and transformed the rules of selection, packing, storage and order of things into a method with a phenomenal international success: KonMari method.
KonMari method
KonMari-Japanese Method to put your house in order for most of the time, we try to make our order in the house, do not choose the correct approach. We think maybe we’ll start with the bedroom and we continue with the living room. Or vice versa.
They, well, consider that this Marie Kondo way of thinking is totally wrong, “fatal” to the right. Do not lead anywhere. KonMari method, we must organize “United order” after categories, not after a place.
Clothing, books, documents, komono (various) and finally, objects with sentimental value. There are dozens of tips for dozens of things colectionate in our universe, but before we think of how to deal cards, how to fold tee shirt or how to decorate lockers, we must decide what we keep and what take.
First, throw!
Is KonMari and the core of the method call by which we determine why exactly we can discard to create space in our house is this: keep only articles which bring us joy, they take those to heart do we positively vibrates.
Therefore, the purpose of the proposed method of Marie Kondo brings you only organizing things-although this is a plus but to create a space that we load the positive, instead of being an additional source of stress.
The six rules of method KonMari:

1. Dedicate yourself to the cleaning

The order by the KonMari Method requires time and effort. But once you have decided to make a serious attempt to put everything in order, you do not need to apply the appropriate method.
Dedicate yourself to the cleaning

2. Imagine the ideal way of life.

Think about what kind of House you want to live and how you want to live in it. No right as you get off the job immediately? If you know what kind of life do you aspire to, identify the reasons why you want to do and in what way you want to live after you’re done? The process made a point of an order represents a major turning point in everyone’s life.

3. Finish throwing first!

The reason that some people no longer finish never did order is that it tries to keep everything without throwing anything. If you do not give up on unnecessary stuff, it’s impossible to keep them in order.
The key to success is to throw what’s thrown. It was not until after you have determined what keep and what you throw, you’ll be able to make a plan for storage.

4. Sort by category, not seats!

One of the most common mistakes is adding divine Sadee as the order in every room. In this way, fail more than to move things from one room to another.
The correct method is organizing by category. For example, when you order clothes, the first step is to bring you all the garments in the same place and make a pile of them. So you will understand how much useless things you have to do and they’ll sort easier.

5. Follow the correct order!

It is essential not only to make orders but also to follow the correct order, namely: clothing, books, documents, komono (different objects) and at the end, objects with sentimental value. Did it happen to you that you want to sort some old pictures and you realize you looked at them for several hours and nothing done yet.? It is a very common mistake and demonstrates very clearly why you need to clean in the correct order.
sentimental value

6. Ask yourself what brings you joy!

When deciding if an object brings you joy or not, it’s important to reach, to take it in your hands.
Notice what reaction has your body when doing this. When something ignites the spark of joy in you, you should feel a small thrill of delight. When you hold in your hand an object that you do not bring you joy, your body becomes more difficult to park. Remember that you don’t necessarily choose what you throw, but what you keep.
And when you throw something that you do not cause joy, do not forget to settle before you get stuck.
We find, in this way of thinking, a fascinating and unique household universe in which objects have an unexpected charge over our, nay, in which things seem animate, with Park which can be hurt feelings when we decide to say “Farewell”.
The above rules are not the only instructions from the Repertoire of Japanese which we order homes. There are. Trying to make order little by little, I’m going to get to do that forever, without having to feel.
From here, a brand new free KonMari:
Clean up once and well! If you simplify and organize your home as it should be, following the steps correct, you do not need to go back over this never crafts. Another important Tip: Nothing! The floor must always be free of any obstacle that we prevent, we might bring a negative charge. Order your House transform your life! KonMari method not only converts our houses. Famous Japanese consulting believes that after I made the order in the case, the whole life we are going to change.
organize your home
“We are talking here about something more than the technical aspects of mechanical and heretical. It’s about the emotional and psychological impact on order add divine Sadee as co-management “, says Marie Kondo, explain and unique method.
She thinks, and convinced that many of her followers, harmonize us as living space, freeing it of useless, we will gain more confidence in us, we will be more motivated to live the life we want, we will recognize a relationship that hurt us and we’ll put as past we will get rid of anxiety and extra pounds.
Therefore, in order to make order Kondo, involves not just an evolution, but also the psychological and emotional aspects.
Paraphrasing “healthy mind in healthy body”, here we have to deal with the phrase “clean house clean in mind”. It’s a oranduiala that surpasses the walls of your House and influencing lives.
“When you’re happy with the environment where you live, you become positive and full of ambition. Also, if you organize in the house, it’s easier to make cleanliness. I think this is a universal truth “. (Marie Kondo)

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