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How to Get Rid of Cellulite

by Tatiana Plesco

Cellulite — those fat packages that give skin an aspect of ‘ orange peel ‘ or ‘ cottage cheese ‘ — represents for many a reason of awkwardness.
If you have unsuccessfully tried many treatments, you’re probably wondering if is there anything that does affect cellulite?
The answer is Yes! There are things you can do, but they have nothing to do with all the equipment and lotions that you’ve seen the ads on tv at night.

There are no recipes for curing cellulite bulging at the aspect that has to do with the way fat cells linked through the connective tissue of the skin.
Connective tissue is connected to the lower layers of skin by fibers that are not very elastic, causing the skin to have dimples if fat cells are novelties.

Liquid retention, accumulation of toxins, poor circulation, and a weak muscle tone sharpen the look of cellulite. Nowadays, we can no longer get rid of attack advertisements from creams, medical, and packaging methods that promise to “heal,” but not wasting your money.

These remedies are no more than temporary, without constant treatment, cellulite appears. As in the case of other health ailments, the secret lies in the choices we make daily regarding your lifestyle.

Effective treatment of cellulite, you need accurate, a little patience, and willpower to make long-term changes in connection with what you eat when you eat and how you’re doing. First of all, it is essential to understand what exactly you have to treat it and why.

Your lymphatic system is key

This cellulite should be as more than a mere esthetic problem — is a mirror of your general health condition and may indicate a health problem vaster. 

Cellulite often appears as a result of the accumulation of toxins in the tissues, especially in fat cells. If you have cellulite, it means that your detox system needs help — specifically, the liver and lymphatic system.

“Detoxification” can be defined as mobilization and disposal of residues, toxins, above ground, and other unwanted debris from your body. 

Therefore, if you want to reduce cellulite, then improve liver and lymph moving are two main objectives. Lymph is a transparent liquid with no color, which serves as a means of transportation for your lymphatic system. 

lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and has a range of functions, including the elimination of interstitial fluid, extracellular fluid that covers most of the tissues. 

May carry lymph and white blood cells between 600-700 lymph nodes, as well as in other parts of the body. Lymph moves among the cells, tissues, and organs on a “Street” lymphatics of capillaries. 

Three-quarters of these capillaries are superficial, localized to the skin surface. That’s why cellulite treatment requires special attention paid to the lymphatic system! Cellulite can be a sign that your lymphatic system stuck your lymphatic system is the “wastewater treatment plant” of your body, responsible for draining the residue, toxins, and other unwanted substances from cells and tissues to be removed the body. 

When lymph blockages, welcomes it’s as if your company garbage collection went on strike. Garbage begins to gather — and the attack lasts longer, the bigger the pile. If the strike continues for a long time, then your house becomes toxic, and you get sick. 

Blockages happen with lymph, which does not move: residues accumulate in cells and tissues. Unlike blood, which pushes the heart to circulate, il lymph needs an active move on your part to stress.

 So, if you don’t move too much, no lymph doesn’t move much, and the “garbage” of cells begins to assemble. Fat cells are particularly susceptible to the accumulation of liquids and toxins.

Fat cells contain from 500 up to 1.000 times more toxin than the rest of the tissues. If lymph movement slows, then fat cells swell, and one of the consequences is cellulite. According to a study, women with cellulite usually have lymphatic disorders.

Another study found that 80 percent of women have a sluggish lymphatic system. Cellulite is not the worst thing that can happen when your lymph system does not work correctly; you can get sick.

In your body, rubbish is serious business, that’s why it’s so important not to ignore signs that warn you that the body’s detoxification system is compromised, and cellulite is one of those signs.

You can’t treat cellulite 

Cellulite is a problem local to the system and requires a solution for the system, unlike local treatments. As Ariane Hundt says, Alina personal, founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp: ‘ to get rid of cellulite must make sport, to have proper nutrition, good circulation and to keep under control the hormones which store fat, especially the in the lower part of the body. 

‘Cellulite reduction is done in about the same manner as reducing fat body — is overcome most effectively through proper diet and sport to influence hormonal and metabolic processes that control fat storage.

Through rigorous and regular exercise, not only do you focus on muscle mass, but you will stimulate your lymphatic system, and you will help the body to mobilize and eliminate toxins. 

Most of these toxins are soluble in fat and are released when you burn fat as an energy source. The sport will improve circulation, both in blood and lymph vessels. Mini trampoline exercises, although it seems childish, made with a mini-trampoline, offers excellent benefits for medicare lymph and reduce cellulite.

Unlike jogging on hard surfaces that stressful knees and ankles, rebounding is much easier for joints and contribute to improved circulation, muscle, and balance. You don’t need to do exercises with the strong impact of rebounding to enjoy benefits even lymphatic — short sessions of jumps light throughout the day, it may be useful to put your lymph moving.

If you don’t have access to a rebounder, one of the most effective exercises for cellulite removal is training at high-intensity intervals (HAIT), especially if it is combined with the position intermittently. 

HAIT is an excellent way to put your metabolism up and play your body’s ability to burn fat while stimulating the production of HGH.

Updated 12/26/2019

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