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How To Have A Beautiful Chest

by Tatiana Plesco
Beautiful Chest

Use a cream made from a mixture of 50 ml of vegetable oil (preferably almond oil), 9 drops of geranium oil, 16 drops of ylang-ylang.

Massage daily with this cream for a few minutes in the morning and evening and chest pectoral muscles. Mixture improves muscle tone and helps to increase the chest.

  • Hops tincture

Prepare a hops tea (1 tbsp of dried hops at a glass of water and a little honey) and drink half a glass 2-3 times daily before meals for a month. At two weeks of starting treatment, you will already feel the effect: the breast becomes fuller, more vigorous.


  • A beautiful chest without cosmetic surgery

Rarely can we meet a woman who is fully satisfied with her chest; or the chest is too small, and even extremely high, and even do not know how. After birth or aging, the chest changes its original shape and often becomes another reason for bitterness.

Any complex makes a woman become distrustful of herself, inhibit and even sometimes the woman does not feel sexually satisfied. From here until the depression is just a step!

What can we do in such a situation? Run to the clinic cosmetic knife? Not in any case! There are plenty of other ways to have a beautiful chest. Vegetables, fruits, as well as massage and gymnastics are very helpful in this issue. Here are some tips:

  • Diet

An old saying tells; cabbage for a large chest and fresh cheese for fine hips. Cabbage is widely used in curing diseases. If we eat almost daily cooked cabbage in various forms we can enjoy a robust chest, as many women want. But we must have a rich culinary imagination because there are too many ways to eat the cabbage. Cook sweet or sour cabbage as a soup or as a salad, stuffed cabbage, whether in combination with vegetable salad, fruits or berries. Cabbage salad harmonizes well with grapes, crab apples, pears, oranges, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes. Try it! A real delight!

Diet for beautiful chest

  • Gymnastics

Physical movement helps us a lot. Do you remember the words of our parents who told us when we were kids to do some exercise in the morning? Out of laziness or indolence, many children and adults ignore these tips. Gymnastics helps us fortify chest muscles and make the most prominent part of the body indeed prominent. Therefore, do not be lazy, ladies! Start rather even the simplest exercises!

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  • Firstly attitude

Put yourself in the mirror. Sit as usual and look at your profile. Then turn your shoulders giving back. Notice the difference? Through a proper chest, expansion is easily revealed. Even the most bent women can have a nice bust, even if it is small.

  • And now to do gymnastics

Exercise 1

Stick your back against the wall. Raise your hands up and hold for a few seconds an object easily (ex. A ball of paper overhead. Then leave in turn cite a mine down, alternating lifting arms several times.

Exercise 2

Stand up straight and keep your hands above your head, palms outward. Drag force and return your hands back when to the left, when right.

Exercise 3

Use of 1-1.5 kg of weightlifting and in bring the arms in turn to the chest. Instead, weightlifting can use plastic bottles filled with water or sand.

Exercise 4

Gather hands with dumbbells at chest. Then extend them face increasingly faster as you box.

Repeat each exercise at the beginning of 7-10 times a day, then 20 times.

After completing this series of exercises look in the mirror. Enjoy with laughter! When we laugh heartily upper chest tight and lifts the bust. Therefore it’s better to laugh as much as possible from now on!

Note: all chest problems begin when we are angry when we externalize when we do not feed properly. They also appear when we abstain from food and tried all sorts of diets that we can lose weight quickly. Before taking such a decision you must reflect upon it first! May Think again, do you really need it?

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