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How To Have Clean, Healthy And Glossy Hair

by Tatiana Plesco
Glossy Hair

Some people say that beautiful hair is the first thing that is noticed in a person. Whether this is true or not, one thing is sure – having soft and shiny hair is important for the overall look, the confidence and the way people (mainly women) feel about themselves. It gives a great feeling to have healthy and good-looking hair and it’s undoubtedly a way to improve your looks. However, maintaining healthy and shiny hair is quite a challenge and it requires a lot of care. To have beautiful hair, a person has to put effort to provide it with the right care and to know exactly how to maintain it. Here are some suggestions on how to have clean and glossy hair that makes everyone fall in love.

  • Use The Right Shampoo

Many people think that washing your hair often, makes it thinner and thus damages it. However, this is not absolutely true. It doesn’t matter that much if you wash your hair every day, but what is of real importance is the type of shampoo you use to wash it. Buying the most expensive shampoo is not a guarantee for better results. Many hair products contain chemicals and very strong smells that are not good for your hair. You will enjoy much better results if you choose more natural products. Also, buy a shampoo that corresponds to your hair type. Whether your hair is dry, oily or damaged, you can always find the right shampoo. You can also make one yourself, using one of the many recipes you can find on the Internet. [amazon_link asins=’B071CZ8X79,B00IK1CJZU,B07BDPDB9J,B01MFGP4ET,B077V2LJKX’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ca38a55f-916e-11e8-9d5c-87bd4c5f3bd1′]

  • Forget About The Heat

It’s understandable that after you wash your hair, you want to dry it so that you can then curl or straighten it. However, if you’re not in a hurry and especially if it’s not cold outside, let your hair rest a bit and stop using the dryer for a while. And if you can go without using the curl or flat iron, don’t hesitate to do it. Give your hair the chance to relax without applying heat on it every day and this will help you achieve very nice results quickly.

Forget About The Heat

  • Cut It

To keep your hair healthy, it’s necessary to go to a hairdresser’s and have your hair cut a little every month. This will freshen it up and remove the damaged edges that normally appear after some time.

  • Use Crystals

Applying liquid hair crystals to your hair every time after you wash it is a good way to keep it shiny and healthy. Crystals are oily, however, this does not mean that your hair will become greasy. Apply the product on the ends of your hair only and this will make it feel much softer. The crystals are often used and recommended by cleaning companies like TidyCleaning West London so you could be sure that they are effective.

  • Conditioning

It’s important to use a hair conditioner every time you wash your hair. Also, apply deep conditioning mask once a week and let it penetrate your hair for about ten or fifteen minutes. This can guarantee soft and lovely hair.

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  • Brush It

Brush your hair regularly and also before you wash it. This will make it easier to brush after it’s been washed. But make sure you don’t brush it while it’s still wet because at that time the hair is very sensitive and can be easily damaged. Use a brush that is made of natural materials. Choose one with a wooden handle and boar bristles.

  • Sun/Winter Protection

In harsh weather, it’s normal for your hair to feel most weak and get damaged more easily. Make sure you protect it by using a hair product with UV protection in the summer and one designed for cold weather in the winter.

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