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How To Heal Fractured Bones Fastest Way Naturally

by Tatiana Plesco

Recently life told me to slow down and stop running around for money. My heart needed a mental reset. To realize that this trauma happened. I broke my two feet calcaneus bone at once. It was also called a Casanova injury since the young man was often caught by husbands cheating with his wife and often jumped from the second floor to escape confrontation. Usually, men 21 to 45 age in the work-related atmosphere(falling from ladder or scaffold) or older women due to lower bone density in older age suffer this hard healing injury.

I cleaned windows on the second floor, and the ladder slipped, so I landed on cement with both of my feet. As a result, two fractures in the left foot(the calcaneus bone) and 3 fractures in the right foot(same bone).

After landing, the pain was so great in both feet that my brain choose one foot to deal with pain at once. The right leg took all my attention for at least 4 hours, and after 4 hours, my brain starter to feel more pain in the left foot and right foot got easier.

When I write this article, it has been only 7 days, and the pain is still here. It becomes slightly better after day 5, and I cut down on pain medications to save my liver. But sure, I slow down and have more time now. Every negative situation has a positive outcome if we adjust our brain and focus. I am looking at all these assignments to change my life and focus on other things than before.

It’s not much you can do once your bones need to heal. It not like you can move them around and put them in place it needs to be. So all come down to the placebo effect, believing you can heal your body and give the right fuel(food) for the body and bone to heal.

I also got lucky with my foot doctor Amanda Bozich. She was very kind and patient with me. Never talked me down or pushed with surgery, even maybe on the right leg; it could be helpful. She handed me my pictures to help with visualization and the placebo effect.

Illustration of the bones of the human foot on a white background

Thank goodness I always had good health and kept an alternative approach to healing. Food always was my medicine, not pharmaceuticals. This comes in handy for any health problems. Let the food be the medicine, and the medicine be thy food—Hippocrates, credited for these wise words. Once you deal with something you cannot control inside your body, you only can really to your own mental strength or believe and good healing beneficial foods.

It was a good time to remember that freshly squeezed orange juice, not pasteurized, is most beneficial for bone health since it is high in calcium and vitamin C also a significant potassium source, vitamin A, and beta-carotene.

Must eliminate Smoking tobacco at any cost and alcohol, not your friend either. Marihuana did not show any positive or negative effects but can be avoided or used at a minimum. Even it’s a better option than pain killers, which harms your liver.

Here is the video, which helps educate yourself as far as going with surgery. I recommend listening to the second part also and evaluate the risk of infection percent they occur.

Then next step, I get back to my smoothies witch is 50 percent green leaves like spinach, kale, arugula can be a mix. It high in antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and contains boron in its natural form witch needed for bone health. Rest 50 percent of smoothie I use what every healthy I have around my kitchen like boiled squash, carrots, banana, apple, and some dried fruit (figs) nuts(almonds), and seeds(pumpkin, sunflower, chia seeds).

If you have any superfoods like natural honey or chlorella, spirulina, you can add a pinch of that also.

Last, add the good quality alkaline water and blend all mix till it’s drinkable or becomes more like porage. You can do this a couple of times a day, and your body and mind will say thank you.

Once you understand what kind of food you are giving to your body and with the help of the placebo effect, improvements come almost instantly.

Also, I recommend between meals herbal teas(thyme, oregano, mint) with honey, bee pollen, ginger and lemon.

You can add some dried herbs to your diet that are calcium-rich: dill, basil, parsley marjoram, thyme, oregano, poppy kernel, mint, and celery kernel, sage.

I got lucky still have some Siberian shilajit witch is a mineral powerhouse. I eat a daily dosage of that also.

And last sure you eat your beans. Most white beans have approximately 175mg of calcium per serving. Wild couth fish good quality meets, milk and cheese.

This is my plan on how to recover my bone’s health fastest and smartest way. Doing the smoothies, I have been fixing any health problems for years. Once I need to strengthen my immune system, I get back to healthy foods.

 I hope this info will help some people to deal with health-related issues. I am not a doctor, so I don’t provide medical advice, but I perform at my best in a stressful situation. This my life journey was packed and still is with tasks that normal people cannot handle.

Wanted to share this info and hope this will inspire some reader to educate themself as far as mental health and food relation.

See you next year on the soccer field. I will try to post the video if I decide to be famous. As far as today, life must go on for many people who need mental support in hard times. Best support for me if I can inspire somebody to look at his life journey with a little more color than the day before, I will be a happy camper.

One more time, big thank you to people who believed in me. Thank you, all medical staff. Bones healed now, and rehabilitation mode starts.

Updated on 4/20/2021

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