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How to Keep A Bald Head Warm? What Types of Hats Look the Best?

by Tatiana Plesco
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

You’ve already made that transition to a bald head. Meaning you’re already a part of the hairless head community, for whatever reasons. A shaved head is also known as a bald head, right? But you can also call it bold instead of bald. because it is indeed a daring move. But then you start wondering how to keep a bald head warm? And how to care for a shaved head?

Such questions are only natural to come up. Especially if you’re one of the very few who believe that getting rid of hair or having no hair on the scalp means less maintenance.
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If you want your dome to shine and stay clean and fresh. Then you have to walk the extra mile in terms of care and maintenance.

But first, let me address the most frequently asked question during the colder months of the year…

How to Keep A Bald Head Warm

It’s fun having to flaunt a bald head. But the experience becomes less enjoyable when the warmer months of the year leaving only to make way for a colder climate. That’s when you probably wish you had hair on your scalp to keep you warm.

But who says you need hair to fulfill that particular purpose in winter! Someone with a shaved head who certainly hasn’t tried the following solutions to the problem at hand!

1. First, Make Sure You’re Using the Right Razor to Shave Your Head

How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

Are you shaving your head with a razor that you know isn’t going to cause any form of skin irritation? High-quality razors keep the cold winds from irritating your skin. But how do they do that? Simply by eliminating the possibility of developing redness or razor bumps during shaving. That means your skin is protected from such mishaps when you’re shaving your head.

But what do I really mean by using the right razor? Ditch those conventional T-shape razors! They’re designed to shave beards and other parts of the body, like your legs. Instead, buy razors specifically crafted for shaving the head.

But if you still wish to shave using the standard razor instead of safety or straight razor. Then make sure this razor features 3-5 blades. What such a design does is make sure you don’t have to cover any single spot twice. You can then purchase those affordable disposable blades.

Also, your razor should have a flexible head. One that you can easily slide along the natural contours of the head. And make it a point to never use dull or worn-out blades. Irrespective of how many times or how often you shave. Dull blades tend to just drag along your skin. Thus, leaving painful burns along with unshaved hair.

Another thing; don’t step outside immediately after shaving your scalp. Allow your skin to cool down a bit. And then expose it to the chilly weather outside.

2. Now It’s Time to Protect Your Bald Head with A Cap/Beanie/Hat

How to keep a bald head warm? The answer presents itself in the form of the best hats for bald guys. And the best part is that you don’t even have to worry about your hat spoiling the appearance of your hair. Because you don’t have any!

When the climate outside is cold and chilly, don’t you put on clothes appropriate for the weather? Such as for winter, you wear a coat, scarf, gloves, and hat. But the hat becomes a staple when you want your shaved head to stay warm.

However, that doesn’t mean all bald-headed men and women put on hats to protect their scalp from cold air. In fact, some even enjoy the chilly wind on their shaved head.

But those that don’t find it confusing to choose a proper hat. Based on their style and other personal preferences. Plus, the hat should also feel comfortable. There’s no point in covering up your baldness for warmth if the material of the hat is going to irritate your skin or cause itching.

So here are the top recommendations for bald guys who want to keep their shaved head warm during wintertime!

  • Beanie
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

It’s the most suitable and stylish choice for the colder months of the year. A beanie creates a visually appealing casual look. Plus, it’s warm and compact. And you get all kinds of different colors and designs to choose from to keep your bald head warm and cozy.

Cotton beanies and acrylic beanies are the most popular. Simply because these two fabrics don’t bother sensitive skin. Other materials are quite likely to trouble your scalp. They might cause itching, redness, and the like. So a cozy, casual cotton beanie is a great option.

For more thickness, an acrylic beanie works best. Just make sure it feels comfortable. And is designed by a reputable brand.
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But please don’t consider wearing a beanie with your formal outfits. It’s the go-to casual style, thus not an appropriate choice for formal wear.

  • Flat Cap
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

If beanies are the most casual, then flat caps are a classic. Especially for bald guys! These, no doubt, look very stylish with formal attire. And they have the ability to actually accentuate your entire look. But there’s a catch here.

The drawback is that flat caps don’t cover your ears. That means your bald head gets protection from the cold climate. But your ears don’t. And this is not really a problem unless you have quite sensitive ears. That don’t appreciate the winter’s chill.

Nevertheless, flat caps look incredibly sophisticated and even artistic. Many full-bearded men often choose flat caps for their shaved heads. To create a modern, intellectual vibe. You can buy ones made of light woolen material. With a closure that’s adjustable.

Flat caps are also flaunted in warmer weather. Just make sure the flat cap for summer is constructed using cotton, and not wool.

  • Trapper Hat
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

It’s a wild, adventurous winter style, also known as ushanka. Trapper hats are widely popular for wild, adventurous men. And in this case, wild, adventurous bald men. As long as you don’t put one on with your formal suit, it’s not going to look out of place.

The best part about ushankas is that they offer the most amount of winter protection to your shaved head. The design covers your scalp and ears. In fact, some are even designed to protect your chin and neck.

You get plenty of options in terms of colors and styles when it comes to trapper hats.

  • Baseball Cap
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

This seems like a more appropriate choice for warmer months. But I’m going to list is nonetheless. Because baseball caps are very common among bald guys. And not just blad guys who play baseball or are into that sport somehow. But also those that don’t have anything to do with baseball. All thanks to the extra casual appeal of the cap.

There’s just no denying that baseball caps look very stylish. It goes without saying that these types of hats are a part of casual, everyday outfits. And you don’t even have to be a part of the hip-hop culture community to flaunt a baseball cap. Although that’s where the cap originates from.

As for the material, it should be 100-percent cotton. Along with adjustability and washer-friendly. The adjustability, more often than not, features the hook-and-loop mechanism at the back. All in all, it’s an extremely clean, no-hassle casual style.

  • Straw Hat
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

Yet another great option for warm, breezy weather. Straw hats are often spotted on men chilling at the beach. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear one to protect your head from cool winds. Although your head might not feel as warm and cozy as you’d like. But they’re suitable for the summer, hence worth mentioning here.

Straw hats protect your scalp from the UV rays and heat of the sun. So, in a way, they do indeed keep your head warm. On top of that, they look very stylish during summertime.

Did you know that straw hats, at least for the most part, are half-paper and half-polyester? That means you get the lightweight construction of paper. And the durability of polyester.
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  • Fedora
How to Keep A Bald Head Warm?

Based on their popularity, fedoras are perfect for formal wear. If your fedora hat is well-designed and suits your personality. Then it should be a part of your hat collection for your bald head. And for the fedora to suit your personality, always opt for classic styles. Along with dark colors like black, grey, military green, etc.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with other daring designs or color combinations. Because a fedora, undoubtedly, has a very stylish vibe to it.

Made using 100-percent wool, these hats add a clean and classic appeal to your outfits. Just don’t forget to always wash them by hand. Meaning machine-washing is only going to ruin the hat.

And no matter what hat you select, consider putting on your sunglasses. But that’s only during summertime. You don’t want to look like a weirdo walking around in a pair of sunglasses when the weather is freezing cold outside.


Now you know how to keep a bald head warm. But what about how to maintain a bald head? Just follow these quick instructions below…

  • Never ditch shampooing in the shower and also conditioning your scalp. Just because you don’t have hair doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t demand cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Always shield your baldness from the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Keep your scalp moisturized by applying a lotion or moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin. Drinking plenty of water also helps.
  • Scalp massages promote blood circulation. So that’s another great tip for keeping your shaved head in good condition.

And that’s about it.

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