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How To Keep Your Brows Neat In Between Shapings?

by Tatiana Plesco
Keep Your Brows Neat

There is no doubt about the fact that our eyebrows look their best when they are freshly shaped. But what about the time in between two shaping sessions? Every woman wants her brows to maintain the perfect arch shape for as long as possible. Some easy tips to achieve that are listed below:

  • Avoid tweezing your brows too much:

Going overboard with tweezing already thin brows could make them appear worse. Make sure to tweeze only those hairs that are growing fast or curling under your natural brow.

  • Avoid the arch area:

You should not tweeze the arch area of your brows and be careful to only pluck stray hair that grows in between your eyebrows or are in no man’s land. Tweezing should not affect your eyebrow shape in a negative way.

  • Use brow powder:

Brow powder is a good option for sparse, over plucked and thin eyebrows. Filling the empty spaces or gray hair with brown powder offers more control of the coverage than using an eye pencil. You can even get your eyebrows tinted with professional help.

  • Do away with magnifying mirrors:

In magnifying mirrors, objects are actually closer that they appear to be. For the same reason, avoid using a magnifying mirror at home, when you are tweezing your eyebrows. Even if you use it, keep it at an arms distance, if you want to get the perfect shape.

  • Eyebrow color:

You can run the eyebrow pencil tip on a paper or sharpen the tip prior to actually using the brow pencil so that the color stays on. It is observed that makeup pencils usually build up wax at their pencil tips that lead to uneven coverage. Use a Q-tip to apply color, in case your applicator is large in size for your brow or if you are using a powder base.

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