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How To Keep Yourself Motivated For Weight Loss?

by Tatiana Plesco
Weight Loss
  • Started a diet and ended it a few days later?
  • Cheated lunches and snacks instead of salads?
  • Skipped exercise for resting hours on the couch?
  • Gained weight back which you have shed after days of hard work?
  • Sounds similar?

Well, most of us want to lose weight, but the primary issue which we encounter during a weight loss journey is self-motivation. Keeping yourself on track, avoiding cheat meals, focusing on our targets and losing weight is a tough job for all of us and rather than finding weight loss tips and diet plans, many people ask how to keep themselves motivated to achieve their targets.

Therefore if you are also looking for some motivational tips for weight loss, we have some amazing one for you:

Take your weight and inches on the starting day of your diet and make target:

Rather than measuring your weight and inches after many days, you need to take it on the day you are staring your diet. Note down your weight and inches on an empty stomach before you start your diet and set a target for yourself. It will let you know where you are standing and what will be your target for the coming days.

Write your target big and bold (somewhere you can always see):

“I am on a diet and will not eat any junk!”

How about this statement sticking on your fridge door in big and bold letters? Will, it affects your cravings and motivate you to eat healthily?

Many times we only need to keep things on track by content self-reminders. That is why you can put some motivational statements in different areas and places of your house especially where you have stored food. It will help you in not forgetting your targets and keep yourself on track at the same time.

Don’t shop junk – fill your shopping cart with healthy options:

You don’t find healthy food options at home because you don’t shop for them. If you keep on buying junk food how do you expect it to convert into healthy food? That is why you need to stop buying that food which you don’t want to eat and instead of buying it, go for healthy alternatives like replace bran bread with white bread, brown rice with white rice or go for whole wheat pasta rather than flour pasta.

shopping cart


Measure your weight after 15 days to one week:

Do you measure your weight every other day and when you don’t lose a single pound, you be disheartened?

You need to understand that your weight wouldn’t lose overnight and there is no need to check your weight every other day. That is why mark a day for at least 15 to 30 days, set a target and work hard to achieve it. Once you work this hard for a long time, you will keep track of your set goal and keep yourself motivated.

Join weight loss communities, groups, and pages:

If you want to keep your mind focus on diet and weight loss you need to become a part of those communities, groups, and page where the related discussion is happening. Since we spend a lot of time on social media and mobile phone, we see lots of food-related stuff on your news feed. That is why it is essential to keep it one updated with healthy food options, recipes, and exercise and weight loss motivational videos to make most out of it.

Join weight loss communities


There are many social media platforms available which you can join for free and become a part of it to improve your weight loss journey. People have already shared their journey, targets, routine, tips, recipes and details on various pages which are quite motivational and informative for you.

Keep a weight loss journal:

Do you think keeping your mind focused and self-motivation is a hard job? It can be a tough task for many people to count calories, remind what exercise you need to do and what food they should eat, that is why you need to maintain a weight loss journal with you which allow you to write down every detail.

weight loss journal

You can make a fitness chart, diet plan, exercise details, and calorie count in it to make most out of your weight loss. Also, it will help you maintain a better and healthy lifestyle.

Reward yourself for achieving targets:

It is better to keep yourself happy and healthy at the same time. You can set small goals and once you reach it, reward yourself with the things you like which may include your favorite meal, clothes or any other thing which you want.

Tell everyone that you are dieting:

It may sound weird, but it is entirely true!

When you tell people that you are dieting it helps you stick with your diet plan and more than that, it will also help people encourage you. Instead, people asking you out for Pizza, offering your loaded fries and insisting you to have frizzing drinks, friends, and family around you will discourage you to cheat. Also, people who care for you to go out at those places which offers diet food, let you eat low carb diet and will prevent you from overeating. That is why instead of hiding you are dieting; you should be open about it and let people know to follow your weight loss routine religiously.

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Updates on 03/09/2020

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