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How to Make a Loose Dress Look Good?

by Tatiana Plesco
Loose dress best style

Loose-fitting dresses are genuinely comfortable and easy to wear, these versatile outfits give you a choice of length, waistlines, and hemlines with combining with other staples so that you can create a multitude of styles from one straightforward dress. However, those loose silhouettes tend to hide your natural curves and even look a little frumpy. How to make your loose dresses look good? Below are the three amazing significant tips on different aspects.

Loose Dress

1. Different Groups of People 

A. For all the tall women: the combination of loose short dress and pants, such as baggy jeans, tights, leggings, or casual slacks, is a great way to expand your closet choices, balance your loose dress and take your style into a new level.

B. For the petite women: the loose knee-length dresses would be your go-to option because bare legs can visually make you look taller. Paring with wedges or heels naturally trim your legs and also add an extra height as well.

Loose dress

C. For the young: decide the types according to your styles. If you want to look understated and minimalist, the solid color loose dress would fit you well.

While if you want a bolder look—you might look good on bright hues, contrasting colors, plaids, printing that can attract attention easily.

Loose dress styles

D. For the old: with more and more senior women prioritizing comfort and simpleness, a linen dress is a truly appropriate alternative for them to wear day and night and also a versatile and environmentally-friendly staple that is nice to your skin.

2. The Suggestions for Selecting Loose Outfits 

Loose dress to impress

A. The built-in belt.

Since the dress comes with a tie-around waist belt, you don’t need to spend time in finding other accessories to match your outfits. The design does a fabulous job with highlighting and lifting your waistline, balancing the ratio of your upper body and lower body, lengthening your leg lines as well.

Good loose dress

Tips: You can wear a loose linen dress to get the ultra-comfort and minimalist vibe at the same time.

B. Try another belted variation: instead of a built-in primary belt, there is another similar variation along with a front-tied detail, which looks like two ribbons around the waist. You can tie together to create a bowknot to add an extra embellishment in just a single step. This creative style breaks the monotony but still retains elegance and femininity!

Loose dress styles

C. Loose overall dress: featuring the casual vibe, style this piece combo with everyday outfits, like a plain t-shirt/shirt, a knitting sweater, etc. Go for some statement accessories to get the endless styling possibilities.

3. How to Upgrade the Look 

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A. Add some accessories: for example, team your loose dress with a statement bag, a pair of big earrings, a straw hat depending on the occasions, and the season. You are opening yourself up to many creativity.

Dress loose style

B. Selections of shoes: actually, the loose dress can go well with any shoes. Heels would maximize your feminine charms; sneakers would create a laid-back effect; sandals or flip flops are suitable for summer/ beachy look, and the boots can help you become the cool girl/woman in the block. The tricky tips opt for the appropriate shoes according to the occasions and your needs.

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