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How to make camping and fishing easy with kids

by Tatiana Plesco
make camping and fishing

Are you planning for a memorable camping and fishing session with your kids in this upcoming summer?  Really there is nothing adventurous than a forest camping trip where you can teach survival tacts to your kids alongside fishing. Fishing will be a challenging and a learning experience for your kids. You can share your life experiences and teach your kids the essence of knowing survival tacts if the situation arises.

For that reason, here I am providing you a few essential tips that everyone should know while planning for fishing and a camping trip with your family.

Selection of the Right Location for camping

First of all, the location you are picking for your camping must be familiar to you entirely. If you have visited several times to a particular place, you know the pros and cons of that area. Moreover, you know that your selected place is budget friendly as well as not over-crowded.

The second thing about the camping place selection is that it must be near the town, from where you can have immediate assistance in a tough situation with kids.

right location for camping

Thirdly, check out the nearby water resources. This is because we ought to get tired during camping and without water, our body might not respond to the challenges thrown to us by wild. You should also check how far the water source is. If possible, you should base your camp nearby a water source like a fresh river stream or a pond.

Another thing to consider is the proximity of toilets, if available in the region. You should have these nearby to cater to the urgent needs of your children. Decide if you are self-efficient in handling litter or not.
When looking for the right location, you should also decide how far the next site is. You should be at a spot where communications of your radio or phone work faultlessly. If you are squeezed into a tight camping space, consider the noise factor for your kids.

The main motive of choosing the right location is not to squash the adventure element from the camping, but to ascertain that everything goes well without any risk factors.

Prepare Your Bag with All Accessories for Camping and Fishing.

After deciding on the number of members going fishing, you should prepare your collection of fishing rods accordingly. Also, it is wise to select comfortable chairs for everyone, as fishing requires a lot of patience and a long sitting capacity sometimes. In addition to this, never forget to bring camping mats that are placed underneath your sleeping bags. Water canes, knives, charcoal or fuel material for camp firing can help make your camping experience mesmerizing.

Assign all these responsibilities according to capabilities of members so as to make everyone feel a responsible member of the camping trip.[amazon_link asins=’B000F34ZKS,B01DZK666I,B071LTQYKP,B01EIQH9JG,B000FLI5JC,B0151EFBR6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8e4136e4-a5a7-11e8-855b-3186c13c6549′]

Brainstorming of the family day before camping

All of your family members must be prepared enough for the last few days. For this purpose, a brief lecture regarding campsite and fishing guidelines always helps in your entire camping experience.

Brainstorming of the family

Teach your family members about few of the fire safety tricks and tell them not to go far away from your campsite is a good piece of information to impart. Most importantly, teaching them how to call for help if an emergency condition arises can make a huge difference in the worst case scenario.

Usage of equipment

Fishing can be more interesting when you are having modern gadgets with you including fish finder and fishing rods.

If you really intended to fill your bucket with lots of fishes, a fish finder is definitely going to be a great tool for your fishing experience.

This tool can detect a number of fishes sailing around you and saves a lot of time which you can spend enjoying with your kids.

Various kinds of fishing rods are available in the market including telescoping rods, collapsible rods, and single piece rods.

In my suggestion, single piece rods are more durable and sensitive than others.

Keep safety Bags on Priority

There is no appropriate way to prepare for contingencies. But keeping your bag ready with a first-aid kit, a mobile phone with good reception of signals, and necessary ointments like mosquitoes repellent etc can help avoid unwanted problems.

After all the preparations done, here are a few necessary things to remember on the campsite.

Priority of Installing a Camp First

Your first and the foremost task on the very first day is to set up a camp after choosing the best place. This is essential for a couple of reasons:

  •  At your campsite, you are not having electricity for convenience. Hence, you have to schedule activities according to sunlight; otherwise, you might have to deal with temporary bone-fire that will not last for the whole night.
  • After a long journey and camp setting, all of your members will be tired enough. A campfire will help everyone relax.[amazon_link asins=’B00VFH1RQS,B004E4AW1K,B001TSCF96,B016N7DFMI,B004E4AVY8,B004J2GUP4,B004J2GUOU,B014LSDUA8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’efdc3e5d-a5a7-11e8-89a5-55abe13a91ec’]

Enjoy Your Camping Trying Adventurous Tasks

Camping and fishing may not be enjoyable for every member of your family. In that case, try to make your camping more venturous. Involve your kids in catching bugs, exploring nature around you, rock climbing etc.

In addition to this, you can also bring gadgets like laptops, board games, video games etc.

Rest of the family members may not be too interested in video games and other technological stuff. You can carry books and novels according to their interest.

Be Responsible to the Environment

Camping and fishing are the most amusing activities to experience with your kids. But, it is our responsibility to teach our kids to maintain cleanliness in the environment.

Avoid littering unnecessarily; always make sure your bone-fire may not affect the environment.

Moreover, practice responsible fishing. Catch and release is a good rule you can teach to your kids. It will develop generosity in kids and they can learn to behave with nature.

Don’t Stay Too Long

No matter how old your kids are, their attention span and enthusiasm for living outside is inevitably going to wane as the hours go by. It’s much better to leave while everyone’s having a good time than stay too long and kill their enjoyment of family camping trips.

Try to keep it to a couple of days at most, to begin with. As the kids get older and your family gets more used to it, you can extend the camping time accordingly.

Focus on fishing

It is important to focus on the fishing itself. Try to teach your child that the fishing itself is the fun part of the trip. If fish is caught, it acts as a bonus. Kids will need plenty of guidance during a camping fishing trip, so it is advisable to leave your own rod and reel at home. Also, to prepare for the situation in which fishing cannot be the focus (i.e. your child gets bored or a storm approaches), devise out some alternate plans such as board games.

Focus on fishing

Stay Safe and sound

Like adults, children can become sick or injured when exposed to Mother Nature. Make sure to take precautions to keep your little ones safe. Bring sunscreen and make sure you and your child wear a hat with a broad flap. Insect repellent can be as handy and useful as a Convention Badge Holders, especially if you are fishing from a boat, such as an inflatable kayak.

You can have Fun without fish.

Your fishing trip with your child can be enjoyable, even if you do not get a single nibble during the day. How is that possible? Fishing with your child should be about the quality time you spend with him or her, in the great outdoors. Whether you catch one fish or one Coleman cooler full of them, focus on the fishing itself. Catching fish is just icing on the cake.

Mind the fishing time

The best time to fish with kids is in the morning when the little explorers are more energetic. Also, a sunny day with modest temperatures is preferable. An ideal fishing session while camping comprises of a maximum of few hours. And make sure to take enough breaks during the trip.

Have fun by making the activity interesting

At first, fishing may not seem to be too intriguing to today’s children. It is certainly a different kind of activity than watching an action movie or playing a video game. Plus, children tend to have a shorter attention span than adults.

It would be wise to start fishing for small fish, such as Panfish. Also, use a bobber, to make the activity easier. A bobber makes it visibly clear when a fish has taken the bait. While waiting for a fish to nibble on the worm or lure, you could spend time chatting with your child about his or her school, hobbies, etc.

Fishing can be a part of any camping trip with your kids near a river, lake, or stream. By following some simple strategies, you can make a fishing trip with children, as practical as your Arm Band Badge Holders. Fishing can be the big catch of a camping trip with kids![amazon_link asins=’B0006GUY0E,B00FH3WNY6,B074W3V1NF,B01MRSVKWZ,B00ET24QKK,B07567WFP8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’223d2036-a5a8-11e8-9c40-6f497ccb5b4c’]


Camping and fishing might be an entirely different activity. But they have one thing in common-wilderness. One cannot enjoy these in urban settings. And as you are indulging in these activities being in the lap of nature, you need to have a plan ready for each and every situation especially when you are going with kids. With proper planning and by keeping all above-mentioned points in mind, you can make the voyage memorable not just for yourself but for your kids as well.

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