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How To Make Kids Eat More Vegetables?

by Tatiana Plesco
Make Kids Eat More Vegetables

Most kids do not like to eat vegetables on a regular basis. Follow some of these tricks to make your kids eat more veggies.

  • Food should be fun:

It may be very easy for kids to enjoy eating macaroni and cheese, but the same cannot be said about veggies. Introduce fun things into his meals by making him eat vegetables with the help of some games. To make him eat broccoli, you could make him imagine that he is a dinosaur eating up small trees. Fun things make it easy for children to eat food and will ensure that your child takes in a few bites greens while he is at play.

  • Improve your eating patterns:

If the parents eat healthy food, it majorly influences the child’s eating behavior too. Do not keep vegetables as a second option in your house; it should be consumed by everyone on a regular basis. Kids will not ask for special meals if they know they have no option but to have veggies.

  • Appreciate good behavior:

In order to decrease the picky eating habits of kids, reward them whenever they try a bite of healthy food that they usually refuse to eat. Creating positive food experiences by appreciating them with some small reward like stickers etc will make the child relate positively to that food in the future.

  • Involve your kids in meal preparations:

If they have some role in the meal preparation, they will be more interested in eating it. You can either choose to take them vegetable shopping or make them pick a thing or two at the grocery store for dinner. Another great option is to make a home garden and involve kids in planting, harvesting etc. Allowing them to clean veggies or doing small jobs like setting the table or mixing salads will make them more excited about trying out the dishes.

  • Make interesting patterns of food on the plate:

Make interesting shapes like heart, smiley faces etc with the food to catch the attention of kids. You could even make the whole platter colorful and interesting by adding different colored veggies to the dish. Diverse food colors tempt children to try the dish.[amazon_link asins=’B01ENM90CO,B01LWWA7CZ,B007W4P8MW’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’beautyzoomi06-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’42d4ea91-ed95-11e8-a77d-e157b6450fa2′]

  • Patience:

Many kids will need a lot of patience and efforts from their parents to develop healthy eating habits. Solve their picky eating right from childhood, because very often they practice the same habits well into adulthood.

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