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How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker?

by Tatiana Plesco
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People would tell you all the weird and ancient ways to make your thin hair weave look thicker. They would start with backcombing and go on to explain their grandma’s secret formula that helped her be the heartthrob of her freshman year. All these things might have worked in the past, but we were in 2018. We have better tools and skills. We can do a better job than just picking up a comb and going crazy with it. Here are a few things that you can do:

Let Hair Colour Do It for You

As per experts, the lighter the color of the hair, the thinner they look. Try using some darker shades of brown and black to make your hair look thicker. Dark-colored hair will also give you a chance to experiment with your makeup and your looks. Go with the different trends. Use colors to your advantage.

Get the Right Shampoo

A big-time amateur mistake that most people make is selecting the wrong shampoo. Go for a shampoo that will make your scalp healthier. A healthy scalp will eventually lead to better hair growth and volume. Also, change the way that you have been applying the shampoo. Adopt a technique which involves massaging your scalp for a while as you wash your hair. It will improve the overall blood flow.

Get the right shampoo

Right Shampoo

Use Mousse

A lot of products from the era of the ’90s have a rather bad reputation for no apparent reason. Mousse is one such product that people generally do not like on their heads. However, if you are aiming volume, you should try out a good quality mousse to set your hair. Mousse adds volume to the otherwise light hair, and the results are instantaneous.

Blog Dry minus the Comb

All of us love to Blow Dry, our extensions hair. This particular technique helps us to set out hairstyle the way we like. While there are a hundred different techniques to achieve the perfect blow-dried hair, no saloon is going to tell you the best one.

Next time you blow-dry your hair, ditch your comb and use your hands to get the water out of your locks. Rake your hair with your fingers and pick them above the head. Use a blower to dry your hair from root to tip. It will give your hair a fuller look as compared to using a comb. Also, refrain from blowing the air against your scalp. Let your hair hang away from your face and then use a blow drier on them. It may further enhance the volume and style.

Blog Dry minus the Comb

Switch and Ditch the Part

Another simple but effective way of making your think hair look thicker is by switching the parting that you have been using in your hairstyle regularly. For example, if you have been using the center part, next time, flip your hair on either side of your face. Hair will start to bend in a direction that they have not done in a long time. The overall result is elevated hair, which adds a lot of volumes.

If for any reason you do not like the parting thing. Apply some hairspray, let it stay for a minute, and then switch back to the old part. The results will not be excellent, but you will be able to add at least a little amount of fizz that you have been looking for

15 Minute Roll

I love this technique for two reasons. First, it is pretty simple and straightforward; and second, it always works. All you have to do is roll your hair around the Velcro rollers and give them 15 minutes to get in shape. Right after fifteen minutes, you will find hair that has a considerable volume and looks amazingly well.

15 Minute Roll

15 Minute Roll

Change Your Hair Care Products

A lot of people are never able to make their thin hair look thick because they never care to find the best products for themselves. A particular shampoo brand might be helpful and sold a lot in your city. However, it does not mean that it suits you without a second thought. We all are different beings, and we have different needs. Our skins, too, have different needs when it comes to growing a decent volume of hair, a lot of different products affect your decisions. You would be amazed to learn that your vitamin intake directly affects your hair growth. That means that you might need to modify the vitamin intake along with other things to see better growth.

Making thin hair look thick is not as had as many people imagine. You need to start focusing on fundamental things like your diet and your shampoo, and things will eventually start falling in their place.

Twist your hair before you go to sleep:

A lot of women use this trick to naturally achieve fuller locks without having to use damaging hair curlers. Before you go to bed, part your hair into small sections, twist them and pin them up. Cover your hair with a sleeping cap to make sure that the pins don’t come off during the night, and then take off the pins the following morning to reveal to bouncier hair, especially at the ends.



Updated: 12 December 2019

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