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How To Raise Healthy Children In A Society Full Of Technological Devices

by Tatiana Plesco
raise healthy children
Children receive smartphones nowadays from increasingly tender ages, be it for school or games, or just to be easier for parents to keep in contact with them. In times when there are in the company of friends, children and teens spend their time on cell phones and, especially, on social networks.
But as digital technology influences the way we think, we concentrate and interact with the world around you? The mind is far more malleable and open to suggestions than to adults.
That’s why digital technology and applications should be addressed carefully and in moderation — even teenage. Here are some suggestions on how you can increase children’s balance in a digital era.

Be an example

Using constant or nearly constant digital technology decreases attention significantly, both in adults and in children.
At school or at work, with the attention to detail we develop perception, memory, thinking, creative problem solving, among others.
The same thing can be said about people who stand with their head in the phone all day; Nowadays it is common to see people lost in the phone at shops or cafés.
There are many factors that can influence the temptation of people to immerse themselves in the technology.
There are, however, situations in which people have expected — to the doctor, to the cinema, or at meetings of the service-and in these moments feel like their life stands on the spot, and the way they can connect to your world around is via cell phones.
Limit your time spent in front of the screen to give you an example to children. If you, as a parent, you spend less time in front of a screen, chances are that your children will copy your behavior.

Establish time program for the TV or phone use.

The digital devices have become part of daily life in our culture, but you can limit the time your kids spend in front of the computer or tv.  Establish a program and ensure that it is respected. Rules are made to be respected, otherwise, no longer have meaning.
Establish at least one evening a week to do an activity together, as a family, without having to involve a screen — whether it’s a game, reading or other such activities.  Sometimes the stories told may be more interesting than when seen on TV.  Although it can be difficult for many times to distract the children, there are a few tricks that you can use them to develop the habit of reading before going to bed.
First of all, you need to read. Find a book you like and read it. Your children will become curious and suddenly will see that it’s something you enjoy.
raise healthy children
Establish a timeframe for reading and allow kids to choose cards, Anyone read with pleasure something that interests him.
Offer your kids watches with the analog system so as not to be tempted to look at your phone whenever they want to check the time.
Eventually, tell children about what you read. Not only is a way to interact positively with children, but it helps to use the mind and understanding of the text and asked to read.
Organize traveling with kids and learn more when interacting with the world around them.
That’s why it’s important to go outside at least once a day, and, if you have the opportunity to go on a trip once a week, the better.
Studies show that outdoor activities enhance children’s self-confidence, develop imagination and creativity.  Are you more centers in the brain when children are playing outside than when you are playing on a computer or video game consoles and encourages outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle.
traveling with kids
Act now, and your kids will thank you later in life. Build strong, confident children based on old-school skills and old-school education. Outdoorsy lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle.

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