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How to Reverse Grey Hair? Mith or Reality

by Tatiana Plesco
How to Reverse Grey Hair ? Mith or Reality
The first white hairs are considered, more in jest, more seriously, a sign of maturity, experience, wisdom, etc. The truth is less poetic, but, more often than not, white hair appeared prematurely indicate a deficiency of vitamins or minerals.
Of course the hair will begin to grey and to whiten with age, though, if prematurely, it means that the current diet lacks essential nutrients, or as it is about other health issues.
Diseases that may cause the appearance of premature grey hair coeliac (gluten-free eating can blacken your hair within a few weeks, even if it took several years to get grey)
Endocrine Imbalances (restoring hormonal balance can Restores hair color in a few months)
  • Pernicious anemia


Pernicious anemia

Supplements that stop premature gray or it reverse it:
Vitamin B-12
Para-amino benzoic Acid (PABA) (from folic acid)
Deficiency of vitamins or minerals
There are 3 things that need to be taken into consideration:
Exposure to toxins
Ability to assimilate nutrients (intestinal health)
  •  A healthy diet-a healthy body

Health foundation is a truly healthy diet-composed of 80% of fresh produce, organic, more vegetables than fruit. A large salad with vegetables consumed daily, as varied, you can change your health.
The body will receive the nutrients it needs to feed itself and repair, as well as the prebiotics necessary for maintaining healthy intestinal detoxification processes continue.
 healthy eating
A truly healthy diet doesn’t contain processed products, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, genetically modified organisms, monosodium glutamate, sodium, trans fats, corn syrup rich in fructose and no refined sugar.
Caffeine should be reduced. It will consume healthy fats rich in omega 3 and lots of clean water.
  • Detoxifies your body

Nor the healthiest diet and the best intentions aren’t enough when the body is full of toxins. We live in the most toxic environment that people ever knew. Plastics, metals, dental fillings, vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, medicines-and the list goes on forever. Once or twice a year, it’s good to detoxify us, but we can also include in your daily eating garlic, coriander green and lots of clean water. In this way, we detoxificam a little bit every day.
  • Intestinal health

When the intestines are inflamed, diseased and develops a condition called bowel syndrome permeable. Candida and gluten get along great when it comes to destroy biofilm covering the large intestine on the inside. Candida makes even holes in healthy tissue. As a result? Proteins and other substances enter the bloodstream without having to go through a digestive process. This leads to infiltration, triggering allergies to autoimmune diseases and other diseases. As the small intestine becomes increasingly vulnerable, is lost and the ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Onion juice restores your hair

Grey onion juice is used for hundreds of years to treat grey hair. Onion juice has many benefits for hair follicles: the onion is rich in sulphur and many other compounds that are very effective in fighting infections. Onion juice kills the microbes, parasites, some fungal infections; all of these can cause hair loss. The onion remove the buildup of hydrogen peroxide and reduces inflammation, providing at the same time enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for hair regeneration.
Onion juice restores your hair
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Studies have shown that the juice of onion applied on skin daily can reduce premature gray and reverse and can rework the structure of the hair. You can get juice by squeezing or crushing of onions. The juice is applied daily to the scalp and massage the scalp or brush for it to penetrate well into the skin and into the hair shaft. Let act between 30 minutes and 1 hour.
Start with a small amount, so that pretty much quick staining method and require patience and attention.


A healthy nutrition, a complete and adequate detoxification maybe won’t play hair color, but definitely will improve health.
Those who choose supplements with folic acid or B12 is better to take the entire B-complex. These works better together. Also vitamins must come from a reliable source and should be of the highest quality.
If your hair starts to fall or turns grey suddenly, it is advisable to check the sensitivity to gluten, Candida in the body, this leaky bowel syndrome and hypothyroidism.

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