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How To Sleep Well And Wake Up Energized

by Tatiana Plesco

Nothing beats the feeling of being energized and well-rested when you wake up in the morning. How you start the day determines how productive the rest of it will be and so you should always ensure that you wake up with maximum energy. It is not always easy to achieve this because most individuals have occasional insomnia. But, you can still manage to sleep well and wake up with more than enough energy. However, this will require you to do some changes to your bedtime and morning routines.  Here are some simple things that you should do for maximum energy in the morning.

  • Maintain a Sleep Schedule

One of the most practical approaches for ensuring that you wake up feeling fresh and energized is keeping a regular sleep routine. Individuals that sleep and wake up at the same time every day tend to feel more rested than those that do not follow any particular schedule. The body uses the circadian rhythm to know when to sleep or wake up and so if you mess it up you will always be waking up feeling groggy.

  • Take Some Decaffeinated Herbal Tea before Bed

A warm cup of herbal tea is the best thing that you can take before bed as it not only has numerous health benefits but it is also perfect for sleep. Some herbal bedtime teas such as valerian, chamomile, and passionflower have a calming and soothing effect which is just what you need for a good night’s sleep. There are also many other kinds of herbs that you can take that will enhance sleep, but it is important to make sure that whatever you take is decaffeinated and that you do not add a lot of refined sugar to the beverage.

  • Meditate or Do Some Yoga

 Anxiety and stress are one of the main reasons why most people have difficulty falling asleep and remaining so for long. If you do not find ways to get rid of them you will not sleep well and this means that you will wake up feeling tired due to lack of adequate rest. Research shows that meditation and yoga are some of the most useful ways of getting rid of both. And so, it is a perfect idea to spare a few minutes before bed for some yoga or meditation as they will help calm your mind and body so that you can sleep well.

  • Never Snooze the Alarm

Alarms can be annoying, and this is because they interrupt your sweet sleep and are a sign that it is already morning and you have to rise and prepare for work. But, regardless of whether you have had enough sleep or not, snoozing your alarm is a terrible idea. It always appears like a perfect idea to get a few minutes of extra sleep, but it is not. If you keep snoozing the alarm you will end up getting fragmented sleep which is low-quality and not restful. Snoozing your alarm is among the fundamental reasons you end up feeling tired when you finally wake up.

  • Start Off with a Glass of Water

 A big glass of water should always be the first thing that you drink in the morning. Most people tend to make the coffee maker their first stop after jumping out of bed, but this should not be the case. Water is essential for the body and the eight hours that you are asleep it is still in use. And so, by the time you jump out of bed your body is dehydrated. That big glass of water will leave you feeling refreshed and energized which is just what you need to start off the day. Also, rehydration helps to ensure that the flow of oxygen in the body is steady and this will also make you feel energetic.

  • Get Some Sunlight

The body’s internal mechanism relies on light to determine when it is time to sleep or wake up. Getting some sun after jumping from bed or while still in bed will help you feel awake. Sunlight will also send a message to the brain to let it know that it’s time to wake up and this is quite useful in boosting your energy levels. To make sure that you get some sun you should always open the curtains immediately after jumping out of bed.If you do not feel energized in the morning, you should not expect to get this feeling as the day progresses. It is essential to ensure that you get the energy you need to face the day when you wake up. However, this is only possible if you sleep well and follow the right morning routine.

Author Bio:  Jane Collins is a Founder of g9sleeptight.com, a blog dedicated to helping people to have a healthy sleep.

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