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How to Stop Bleeding Gums

by Tatiana Plesco
Bleeding Gums

It is such a frightening moment when you are brushing your teeth and spit out, and you may notice the blood. Take another instance, you bite an apple and notice the red patch on the bitten area. The Bleeding gums are the indication of gums disease. Don’t panic and never ignore it, because blood oozing out of gums is not normal. So, you need to take care of your pearly white teeth as well as your gums that hold them firmly.

If you have bleeding gums, then it means that you have or may develop gum disease. Ongoing bleeds in gums due to plaque build-up on the teeth. Maybe behind the plaque build-up, there is some serious medical condition.

Well – you ought to look for the best and legitimate things that help to stop bleeding gums. Various medical treatments help to prevent it. Here are some tremendous ways through which you can easily stop bleeding gums, but before treatment, you should have to be aware of the causes of bleeding gums.

The Most Common Causes of Bleeding Gums:

As mentioned above that bleeding gums is the build-up of plaque, the plaque is build-up around or at the gums line. Over time, the plaque leads to a condition called gingivitis or inflamed gums.

The plaque has various numbers of germs; therefore, it is hard to remove and will harden into tartar. And with a passage of time, it will turn into an advanced form of the jaw bone and gum disease called periodontitis.

Bleeding Gums

Other Causes Includes:

  • Leukemia
  • Scurvy
  • When you brush your teeth too hard
  • Improper flossing
  • Infection or injury at or around the gums line

Get ready to know about stopping the bleeding gums.

How to Stop The Bleeding Gums:

Here are some legitimate ways that help to stop bleeding gums within no time.

Apply a cold compress to the gums:

You should apply a cold compress; it is an instant solution for treating bleeding gums.

  • This process immediately slows the blood flow, and in resulting less blood loss.
  • Just take an ice cube and wrap it I a clean piece of paper towel after that applying gentle pressure and should hold against the affected area.

Change your toothbrush and brushing technique:

Brush your gums too vigorously also one of the common cause of bleeding gums. When you use toothbrush whose bristles are too hard, then it may also lead to bleeding gums.

brushing technique

  • Most people think that hardly brushing makes their teeth cleaner but keep in mind this is not the actual case. When you are brushing too hard, then this will irritate your gums tissue and even more hardly damage the tooth enamel. As a result, it wills also causing redness, bleeding, and swelling.
  • Get the toothbrush that has a soft nylon bristle, and make sure that your toothbrush has a blunted ends. During brushing your teeth, keep in mind that you use a gentle circular motion, never brush too hard. In short, you need to massage the teeth. There is no need to applying to exceed pressure; you begin brushing vertically, as it helps to remove the bacteria that are around the teeth or at the gums lines. People often use hardly back-and-forth motion while brushing; it is entirely incorrect.
  • And the most important thing is that you should buy an electric toothbrush which has a rotating and oscillating head. These toothbrushes are highly effective in removing plaque and even gentler for teeth and gums. You can easily buy these toothbrushes from online dental or drug stores.

Be careful when flossing:

Prevention is best then curing. Therefore, you should need to maintain your good oral hygiene. Flossing is the best part of oral care, but you should convey proper attention while flossing. And you should floss your teeth at least once a day.

  • People often make the mistake of snapping the floss; this mistake is made by those people who have no awareness of flossing. The snapping irritates the gums and in resulting inflammation and bleeding occurs.
  • Keep in mind that you should floss your teeth carefully and slowly. You ought to properly clean the particles that are hidden between the teeth and should following the curve of each tooth.
  • You should hold the floss when you do this it forms a U-shape around the teeth. After that you should start flossing below the gums line then gently move it up & down, it helps to remove plaque.
  • Don’t to forget the teeth at the back. No doubt it can be a little awkward, but there is a need to do it!

Ultimately, you come to know about the stopping bleeding gums!

Updated on 06-08-2020

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