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How To Train Children Healthy Eating Habits

by Tatiana Plesco
Train Children Healthy Eating

How to make our children eat healthily? We’ve all witnessed at least once the eternal “battle” between parents and children when it comes mealtimes. Parents, on the one hand, they want children to eat everything on your plate and the children, the other barricade, reveal the whole arsenal of weapons to refuse food: playing with a fork on the plate, keep food in the mouth, throw away and so on. Certainly, the concern of parents to develop a healthy eating behavior should remain constant. The most important aspects that a parent should consider are: food portion control and reducing fat through a diet that contains dairy products with low fat, lean meats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.How to determine picky kids and bustling to acquire a balanced eating behavior? It takes time, imagination, humor and patience.

  • Tips for forming healthy eating habits:

Choose the right foods. Have in the house a wide variety of healthy foods that will help little ones to choose just between them. It would be good juices and fruits that remain on the shelves.

Respect your child’s appetite. Each child is unique and has its own food needs. Rather than trying to change the child needs food, and we should give food and the quantity that fits.

Involve your child in meal preparation. Going shopping together is a good opportunity to tell them about child nutrition and to observe their preferences. Invite them to prepare certain foods or table layout. The child’s contribution will give him a sense of responsibility and autonomy and will attend more than welcome at the table.

Eliminate all sources of distraction during child meals: TV, computer, toys. The timetable is an opportunity for the family to spend time together in a pleasant way. The child cannot concentrate in several places at once. Eating on television can slow the child’s food and no longer can tell when full, resulting in overeating.

Food should not be used as punishment or reward. When sweets are used as a reward for a good deed or because they ate all the soup, then children will overestimate the value. Sweets are, however, a great temptation for children and because they get more creative. As we have less in the house, the better.

Do not force the child to eat. Parents resort to various methods to determine their children to eat: Punishment (If you do not eat you never look at the cartoons), evading, bribery (Eat and I’ll buy a toy). Many parents put pressure on children to eat everything on your plate. They resist because they need to decide what and how to eat. Problems will improve if parents give up these games of power and respect the need for food to children encouraging them to realize themselves how much food they need.

Cook varied and in a way that is attractive to the children. Meals must be a joy for the child, not a chore. Children feel more attracted to foods that a nicely decorated in a creative way. Experiment in the kitchen, cooks more varied and healthier, even if your child only has a few foods that you prefer. You must offer an example of a healthy lifestyle to your child, it will take some time, but everything is a habit and also the children use to replicate the actions of the grownups, so sooner or later your child will ask you on his own for a healthy meal.

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