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How To Treat Concussion And Recovery At Home

by Tatiana Plesco

Head injury is a concussion. It may or may not include loss of consciousness. The loss of consciousness is often brief and is normally followed by a rapid and complete retrieval. Always seek medical care for a head injury.

  • First aid for concussion

If anybody thinks that may have a concussion, use the following steps:

  1. -Check to make sure the scene is safe.
  2. -Check for loss of consciousness.
  3. -Do not move the person unless absolutely essential.
  4. -Check the person’s mental consciousness.
  5. -Check the person’s eyes.
  6. -Watch for an unsettled stomach.
  7. -Be conscious that children can become worse very quickly.
  • Taking care of yourself at home

Be guided by your physician, but self-care recommendations include:

  1. -Don’t drive home from the hospital. Ask somebody to give you a lift or catch a taxi.
  2. -Relaxation quietly for the day.
  3. -Use ice packs over any swollen or painful part.
  4. -Take simple local anesthetic such as paracetamol for any pain. Check the packet for the right dose.
  5. -Arrange for somebody to stay with you for the next 24 hours, in case you need help.
  6. -Don’t eat or beverage for the first six to 12 hours, unless advised otherwise by the physician.
  7. -Once you can eat again, have small amounts of light food and beverage in moderation.
  8. -Evade alcohol for at least 24 hours.
  9. -Don’t take sedatives or other drugs unless instructed by your physician.
  10. -Kids are allowed to sleep but should be woken every four hours to check their condition and gauge their reaction to familiar things.

  • When to seek urgent therapeutic care

How to urgent medical care follow these steps:

  1. -Severe pains
  2. -Vomited more than two times
  3. -Memory issue
  4. -Blackouts
  5. -Strain staying awake
  6. – Clear fluid coming from your ears or nose
  7. -Neck difficulty
  8. -Numbness, tingling, pins, and needles, or faintness in your arms or legs
  9. -Confusion slurred speech or rare behavior
  10. -Blurry or double vision
  11. -Faintness
  12. -Any other anxieties.
  • Home remedy for concussion

Chinese Skullcap tea is effective in curing headache and ache in the patients of the concussion. Therefore, it is considered as the effective home cure on how to treat concussion at home. Chinese Skullcap boosts the blood flow and circulation. Furthermore, it provides your brain enough nutrients to make sure that you recover faster. If you want to look for more noticeable consequences, you should combine the tea with other cures such as Oats, and Cayenne Pepper and St. John’s wort. This is the best remedy for the concussion.

  • Things to remember

  1. -Always seek medical care for a head injury.
  2. -There is no specific cure for the mild head injury other than adequately of rest and not overdoing things. It can take some time for the brain to improve from a head injury and during this time, headaches, faintness, and mild cerebral (thought) issue are common.
  3. -Don’t go to work, or resume sporting activity until you have fully healthier.

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