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How You Can Improve Your Brain Memory?

by Tatiana Plesco
Improve Your Brain

Lifestyle specifically affects the functioning of the brain. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle, people fail to maintain their intellectual skills. Stresses or tensions prevailing in this modern century make people forget about things that need to perform for their family. After spending a poor lifestyle, people lose their wonderful brain power. Then, then look for medicines or drugs that help in enhancing memory. As a result, they develop several side effects. Certainly, it is not a right technique for improving the brain functioning. People including you need to change your lifestyle for enhancing the functioning of your brain. For everyone who asks about ways to improve memory, I have answers in this article:

  • Consumer Right Foods

You should always right foods. By right, I mean healthy or nutritious. You must not eat foods that contain several additives, sweeteners, toppings, and reservations. Specifically, you need to eliminate

  1. Hamburgers
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Stuffed Kulchas
  4. Hotdogs

All these foods contain no nutrients but only offer the taste. In fact, these foods contain high calories, saturated fats, and trans fats. Moreover, most of these foods are cooked or prepared in unhealthy foods. Due to which, many diseases and health problems occur in diseases. By eating these foods time and again, not only you can degrade your physical health but can also cause problems due to your brain. Fast foods do affect the functioning of the nerves. Therefore, these foods are termed as wrong foods. And if you want right foods, you should look for fruits, whole-grain foods, and vegetables. Fruits like papayas and blueberries, vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli & whole grain foods like brown bread and brown rice offer so many health benefits. Yes, these benefits include mental benefits too.

  •  Perform Exercises

Exercises not only help in providing physical strength but they also help in enhancing mental strength. Other than low-intensity cardio exercises, yoga and Pilates exercise particularly improve mental strength. Most yoga exercises involve concentrating on a specific point. You need to remain in that pose for definite periods. Yoga exercises that particularly helpful in improving memory and attention include

  1. Tadasana
  2. Padmasana
  3. And Vajrasana

You should practice these yoga exercises on regular basis. If you want to perform the Pilates exercise that particularly enhances the brain functioning, you should perform the 100. Professionals also suggest this exercise to beginners. You can also perform pranayama, an intense breathing exercise that works the mind and heart

  1. You need to perform these exercises before and after your meals
  2. You should use specific tools or equipment for performing Pilates exercises.
  3. If you want to keep your brain active throughout the day, you should practice these exercises in the morning, before your breakfast.
  •  Perform Brain Workout

Not the only body, but you should also perform the workout of your mind. I guess you must have heard about the brain workout for the very first time. Well, if you have performed mental maths activities in your childhood, you can easily understand the brain workout. These activities are similar to the activities that you performed during your school period. You can try solving puzzles or games such as mind teasers. You can also play sports such as chess. With time, everyone’s brain develops new neural pathways and gets great brain power. But, you should also perform some activities for performing complicated problems. You can accomplish difficult tasks with lesser effort. You need to make a habit of performing brain-enhancing activities. You can develop many skills that help in enhancing memory. So, keep on working your brain for maintaining your brain for longer periods.

Brain Workout

  •  Get Proper Sleep

Not only for maintaining your fitness but also for improving your memory, you should get definite or proper sleep. After working for the entire day, you need to give rest to your body and mind. According to professionals, a modern age person should sleep for at least 8 hours. Lack of proper sleep affects genes and their products that modify neuroplasticity. Because of change in neuroplasticity, one faces poor brain growth. Therefore, people with neuroplasticity problems fail to learn things easily and concentrate on studies or exercises.

By getting specific 8 or 9 hours sleep, you can enhance the neural process that strengthens synaptic connections. And with better synaptic connections, you can learn things in very shorter periods. Doctors specifically recommend definite 10 hours sleep. Professionals say, if infants snooze for 10 or more hours, they will improve their ability to think and work. Regular 10 hours sleep improves the brain power of infants. Physical as well as cognitive development can be achieved by getting proper sleep. Not only infants but adults can also boost or restore their brainpower by sleeping for decent hours. 

  • Acquire Skills

Even if you have developed writing and communicating skills, you need to long for other skills. For acquiring new skills, you should perform purposeful or descriptive activities. You need to perform activities that provide several benefits:

  1. Have the interest in craft, you should engage in knitting and quilting activities.
  2. If you like textile, you should learn quilting process.
  3. If  like to click pictures, you should select digital photography.

First, you need to know what you actually want and then select activities. With all these activities, you can improve the functioning of your brain and able to think more clearly. These activities not only provide physical or mental well-being but also avoid stress-related diseases. Professionals say you should reverse the functional decline process for improving your memory. In addition to these activities, you can also start building model ships or playing any type of musical instrument

Play Brain Games and Use Memory Tools

From the Android store or Apple store, you can download many brain games for your smartphones. Brain games available on the web server help a lot in improving the brain. If you find any difficulty in playing these games, you should read instructions or guidelines again and again.Brain games are really beneficial for seniors because help to prevent Dementia and Alzheimer. More about that you can read in this article. You should also make use mnemonic devices or memory tools that help in remembering information, concepts, and words. With some tools, you can organize information in a pretty easy format. You need to try

Brain Games

  1. Visualizations in the form of images
  2. Chunking, by organizing numbers in the format of a phone number or roll number.
  3. Rhymes in the form of statements
  4. Acronyms like TOA for “take out apples”

My Verdict

For improving your memory or boosting brainpower, you should follow many tips. First, you should eliminate processed or fast foods such as sandwiches stuffed kulchas and eat fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. Second, you should perform memory-enhancing exercises such as Padmasana, Vajrasana, the 100, etc. Third, you need to workout your brain by playing some games such as SU-do-Ku and sports like chess. Fourth, you must take 8-9 hours of sleep every day that helps in calming the mind and providing more thinking power, the following day. Fifth, you should acquire new skills by engaging in knitting, crafting, and photography. Last, you need to play games that include remembering of visual graphics and texts. Make a habit of performing these things for improving your brainpower and memory.

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