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I Want Eyelash Extensions, Can They Affect The Eyes?

by Tatiana Plesco
Eyelash Extensions

Long and curled eyelashes just are a true gift of nature and if you get them you are lucky. Nowadays there is a solution and for those women who don’t have long lashes but want to, and here is where lashes extension are proper. Eyelashes extensions now make their appearance among service spas with manicures, pedicures and hair removal wax. Salons specialized in eyelash extensions are multiplying like mushrooms after the rain. Eyelash extensions are glued one by one over the upper lashes, similar to a surgical adhesive glue to add length and fullness the eyelashes while minimizing the need to apply makeup. If there are any, old false eyelashes are removed. Veronica Tran, owners of a salon in the city of Toronto, said that “eyelash extension should not give the impression of false eyelashes.”

  • Who can wear them?

As long as your own have at least 3 mm in length, you can wear extensions.

  • Cost and materials:

Prices range from around 75 dollars for a “darling look” with 25-35 extensions per eye up to 300 dollars for a full set of 60-80 extensions per eye. Most eyelash extensions are made from synthetic mink polyester. You can choose genuine mink yarn, harvested by brushing the animals, which resemble le human eyelashes and gives a natural feeling, but this procedure is more expensive and will not last as long as synthetic extensions.

  • Length:

You can double the length of your eyelashes, but there is a problem the longer you get the extensions there is a risk that your natural lashes may fall prematurely. Eyelash extensions are available in different models from 10 mm to 30 mm, but it recommends for you to apply no more than 20 mm. If your natural eyelashes are very short it will be more difficulties.

  • The procedure:

You must stay taut, with pads on lower lashes and eyes closed. Using tweezers, a technician will soften the glue and will apply the extension thread at 1 mm above the root of your natural lashes. Inserting a complete set lasts about two hours.

  • Safety:

Some people are allergic to the adhesive, which can cause redness and inflammation. If the lashes are not glued properly, there is a risk that the eyelids remain welded together. In most of the countries, there is a guidance document, training, and certification of their technicians using the technology of eyelash extensions application. In the application of eyelash extension, there is no risk to health if applied in a professional manner. But when they enter the eye, they are more irritating than natural lashes and can hurt you.

  • Results:

You should be able to pass a brush through them to clean them with mascara. And you should not feel them. Cases may happen when the skin on the eyelid is torn, and this is quite painful. In this case, you have to remove the extensions.”

  • Maintenance:

Extensions can last for one month, after which, they will simply fall when your natural eyelashes fall. Makeup oils shorten the life expectancy of glue, like friction, which removes your natural lashes. You do not need to use mascara on your extensions; but if you want to apply mascara, choose one based on water (do not use a waterproof mascara) and apply only to the extremities. Use water-based gel and a cotton pad to remove makeup around the eyes. After the procedure of extension application keeps any moisture away from your eyes for several hours, also you must not exercise so there would get no sweat on your eyelashes. In the next 24 hours do not swim and do not use the sauna for the next 48 hours.

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