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Importance Of Finding Experienced Geometric Tattoo Artists

by Tatiana Plesco

As the name suggests, geometrics tattoo is all about gradient diamonds, using 3D cubes and creating the prism flower along with native geometry. Hence it is vital that you select the right experienced geometric tattoo artist not only to get an exquisite design and pattern on your body but also to ensure personal hygiene and care. The term scratchers are used for artists who are not trained and probably new to the business, however, they have a natural talent for making tattoos whereas experienced ones have been in this industry for a couple of years. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Research:

When looking or scouting for experienced geometric tattoo artist the first thing you should do is research and asks around. There are plenty of online review sites that would provide you with an insight about the intricacy of the work of the artist. Remember that geometrical patterns are never easy and without getting the depth right, you would not be able to create the 3D effect that you seek. Besides this, you can also ask friends or colleagues, who have already had some tattoos done previously. While doing your research you should also compare the prices and find the one that suits your budget.  It is true that some artists would cost a bit more than the others. Most artists you tend to be expensive are ones who have a great customer feedback.

  • Visit:

Try visiting the centers where they work, personally. There is no doubt that you have probably seen the work of these artists earlier but visiting their studios would give you a first-hand experience. Checking out different designs by experienced geometric tattoo artist may also help you with multiple ideas on what you want for your body.

  • Design:

An innovative mind is perhaps one of the most important features that one looks for in tattoo artists. There are some artists who may just show you a few designs or previous works and ask you to select from these – but that is just one of the clichéd ways of doing things. If you are looking for designs that define you and a tattoo that stands out, you should consider going to an artist who loves to think differently when it comes to abstract shapes. There are some who prefer a smaller geometrical shape on just one part of the body while others like to spread it out. Plus there are also complete tattooing options for different body parts that experienced geometric tattoo artists do. You can also ask them to tattoo your own designs be it geometric or otherwise.

  • Hygiene:

Along with the above factors, hygiene and cleanliness matter the most. Remember that in geometrical or any kind of tattoos a needle is being used on your body. Every time an individual walk in for a tattoo the needles used are different and the machines are sterilized. You have to make sure that you specifically inquire about this basic hygiene point from your experienced geometric tattoo artists.

  • Time:

Finally, do work out the entire time span required for this ordeal. Tattooing is a job that requires patience and a steady hand – something that probably an artist packed with expertise has. However, you should pick designs that fit your time schedule too. If you want a complete back tattoo or something that is big and yet detailed, it would probably take a lot of time. With most experienced geometric tattoo artist charging by the hour or on the basis of time taken to do a design, you may want to work this out before you sit down for a session.

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