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The Importance Of Sleep For Weight Loss

by Tatiana Plesco

Sleep is for the weak. I can cope just fine with a few hours of sleep. If I sleep during the day, I can pull an all-nighter and finish my work. How many times have you heard other people say these exact sentences and how many times you yourself have said and done exactly the same? Yes, you may have managed to get all your tasks finished in time, but what about your body? If you’re on a diet and trying to lose weight, sleep is an essential part of your health regimen. In that respect, sleep is not for the weak, but for the strong-willed.

  • Sleep and weight loss

Regular sleep is directly related to losing weight. The benefits of your diet will fail to show if you skip on the much-needed rest. During a good night of sleep, your body actually continues to lose weight as a result of your previous effort. On the other hand, without that necessary time off for both your body and mind, the weight loss is completely reduced. 

  • Sleep and fat cells

You might think that you can easily deal with a bit of sleep deprivation for a couple of days in a row thanks to caffeine, but you might not like the effect it has on your fat cells. Basically, your sleep regulates insulin and thanks to that, your body doesn’t store fat. On the other hand, after just a couple of days of disrupted sleep, insulin production gets completely off. The excessive production of insulin, in this case, leads to storing fat in all the wrong places.

  • Sleep and hunger

Even if you exercise like crazy to prevent fat storage, you might encounter another obstacle on your way to losing weight. In general, lack of sleep causes an excessive production of a stress hormone called cortisol, which is tightly linked to fat gain. Why is that you may ask? Well, cortisol specifically directs your stress to food craving. This obviously makes it nearly impossible to control your food intake and directly meddles with your weight loss journey. 

  • Sleep and energy

Continuing with the sleep deprivation-induced stress, not only will you feel hungry all the time, but you’ll experience a serious lack of energy, tiredness, and moodiness. Even if you manage to do your daily tasks, it’s a different story when it comes to exercising. First of all, you may feel completely lethargic and definitely not in the mood to move your body. But even if you manage to get to the gym, the real problems can start. Being unable to exercise is one thing but pushing yourself to the physical limits when you’re so tired can cause serious dizziness, which consequently can prevent you from your regular workout even longer.

  • Sleep and body recovery

It’s pretty clear by now that regular sleep helps you burn fat more effectively, controls stress hormones and allows you to exercise properly, but sometimes you may notice that even with regulated sleep schedule, you experience fatigue and cravings. If you still wake up tired and moody, unwilling to try your best, the problem probably lies in the quality of your bed. Making an investment in this aspect of your life will be worth it on so many levels, especially when you can look for a quality mattress on sale and stay frugal. Proper rest at night and comfortable surface are essential for improving your overall lifestyle, not only your body image goal. 

Never sacrifice your sleep whatever the reason. Actually, it would be best to create a schedule that will include your sleep time as well as your meal and exercise time. Your body remembers and by sticking to the schedule, you can boost your metabolism and lose weight faster and healthier.

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