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Important Points to Understand While Purchasing Ballet Shoes

by Tatiana Plesco
Purchasing Ballet Shoes

Ballet is one of the most known forms of dance which is popular for precision of its movement precision. Dance is not just about movements and footsteps but also it revolves around the outfit and accessories. When it comes to ballet dance performance, there are different elements to consider such as costume, dancewear, fleece clothing and leotards or tights. Among all the ballet accessories, one of the most important ones is shoes. A dancer should never compromise with the shoes, and it should be perfectly suitable for the type of dance he/she is performing.

Purchasing Ballet Shoes

  • Ballet Accessories

The ballet shoes are also known as ballet slippers; they are light in weight and are most basic. Right shoes are to be purchased so that they offer flexibility and safety while performing. These shoes are generally made of canvas or leather material along with a soft sole. The dancing tradition expresses that male ballet dancers have to wear black colour shoes while female dancers should opt for pink colour. Before purchasing the shoes, one should know about the types and the features of the shoes. For a ballet dance, a dancer may forget other accessories but should never ignore the shoes.

  • Types of ballet shoes

Ballet shoes or technique shoes come in various forms, a dancer should know about each of them before making a selection. Some of the types are explained as follows, have a look.

  1. Full sole ballet shoes: By the name, it can be understood that the sole in the shoe is of full length. Such shoes are basically chosen by the ones who are new to this dance form. However, it is a comfortable option and even the most experienced ballet dancers like to wear them. If you are looking for a durable option then go for leather, otherwise satin is a preferable material.
  2. Split sole ballet shoes: The sole of this shoe is slit, which means it has a firm pad on one part and soft pad on rest of the sole. The hard pad can be felt on the ball of toes and foot, which offers support to the part where more strain is given while dancing. These shoes are not preferred by the dancers as the level of support is less in comparison to that of the full sole shoes.
  3. Pointe shoes: Ballet dancers who are in the industry since years love to wear these Pointe shoes. The major benefit of these shoes is extreme support on ankles and feet. It becomes easy for the dancers to dance in this pair of shoes without hurting the feet much.

Ballet Accessories

  • Points to consider while buying ballet shoes

The dancers cannot just go to any shop and purchase the ballet accessories, especially the shoes. There are certain points to remember while buying the ballet shoes; some of them are described below.

  • Check the material: Usually, the ballet shoes are available in two materials- canvas and leather. If you are looking for a long-lasting option irrespective of the cost, then choose leather shoes. However, if you do not wish to spend extra amount and are looking for something simple then canvas will do.
  • Check the fit of the shoes: Once you decide on the material, wear the shoes and see if they fit you perfectly. If it is hurting, you in any way or is offering discomfort then try another size until it fits right.
  • See for elastics and sole of the shoes: It is important that the ballet shoes have elastic so that they can be tightened. It secures the foot in the shoes and does not bother the dancer while performing. In addition to this, also check the sole and see if it makes your feet comfortable.

Keep the above points in mind before you finally purchase the ballet shoes for yourself.

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