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Incredible Benefits Of The Afternoon Nap

by Tatiana Plesco
Afternoon Nap

Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Winston Churchill, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and many others all have one thing in common, namely a NAP in the afternoon as the key element for health.

Linked to clarity, performance, memory, the mood, and improvements in the health of the heart, the afternoon sleep is an economical method and even fun to increase your health both physical and mental.
So many companies even encourage sleep in the afternoon to increase productivity but also morale.
And if you follow a few simple steps, a nap in the afternoon can become a habit for your beneficial health. If you are looking for excuses to close your eyes during the day, explore a bit the following benefits: the level of cardiovascular health: Greek Researchers have discovered that those who shoot a nap at least three times a week their fall the chances of suffering a heart attack with 37%.
Of course, as factors such as smoking, diet, and level of physical activity were included in this study. Maintaining an optimal weight: when the energy starts to diminish, typically in the afternoon, coffee or sugar are commonly preferred stimulants to restore a bit of power.
optimal weight
But afternoon drowsiness is a biologically linked to lower body temperature Easy-practical nature tells us that wants us to draw a nap. If we try to remove caffeine and sugar with drowsiness, Biorhythm is messed up, the extra calories are consumed and a rollercoaster growth and lowering energy begin.
This vicious circle leads to serious health disorders as well as the accumulation of extra pounds. Improving performance, the mood, and attention: An afternoon nap may help in the case of depression, dizziness and lack of clarity. All of these can alter the two components: what physical and the mental.
A study done in New Zealand and was published in the Harvard Health Letter (Harvard Health Letter) has found that employees as air traffic controllers, working in night shifts, have obtained better results in tests of attention and performance, if they have benefited from a nap scheduled 40 minutes.
According to dr. Sara Mednick, Ph.D., senior researcher on the sleep and author of the book Take a nap! Change Your Life (Draw a nap! Change your life), a NAP in the afternoon you will have the following benefits:
  • Accelerates the ability to accomplish tasks
  • Motor increases the body’s ability to utilize carbohydrates
  • Decreases stress hormones
  • Cure migraines
  • Reduce ‘talkative ‘ brains before night sleeping basic rules for a nap
  • Try to keep the nap sleep under 45 minutes to avoid dizziness
  • Your best bet is to shoot a nap between 13:00 and 15:00
  • A nap for 30 minutes improves memory and health physics
  • A nap for 20 minutes and is revitalizing helping to sharpen the senses.
  • A nap 10 minutes helps increase mood and keep you away from energy falls during the day.
  • A nap at work is very preferable, even big companies have started to see the benefits of a nap.
Cure migraines
Google has the so-called ‘ pods ‘ which turn creates an oasis of light and sound blocking sleep, while Intuit Canada offers its employees the rooms to shoot a NAP to them increases productivity.
There’s even a SPA for sleep used by large companies such as Hearst Corporation, Newsweek and Time Warner.
Customers can benefit from a special treatment with adjustable light and mind you and even aromaretapie. But conditions are not luxury needed to share the benefits of a NAP. Simply make your comfortable, close your eyes, put the alarm to sound, and lose yourself in this nutritious (and productive).
Of course, that doesn’t encourage anyone to sleep during daylight hours unless there are proper conditions:) and of course if your work does not involve special attention, like the driver.
But for those who can afford to take a break once in a while, it could be a beneficial alternative for health.
 Updated by editor on 4/8/19

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