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Information On Features And Uses Of A Medical Emergency Crash Trolley By Zac Ferry

by Tatiana Plesco

A combination of shelves, drawers, and trays on wheels for the transportation of emergency medication and equipment in hospitals is the medical emergency crash trolleys. These trolleys can be maneuvered with ease at the site of the emergency and work ideal for saving an individual’s life. This cart can carry not only medication but also cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment. The contents of this cart are different for every hospital but essentially it carries the basic tools besides the drugs required need to treat an emergency patient.

  • The Contents of This Cart Can Include

  1. ACLS or the Advanced Cardiac Life Support drugs like atropine, epinephrine, lidocaine, dopamine, vasopressin and more.
  2. Drugs required for intubation of rapid sequence
  3. Pediatric equipment
  4. Drugs required for central and peripheral venous access Drugs required for common problems like dextrose, midazolam, diazepam and more.

Besides this, it can also include equipment and drugs required by the specific facility.

  • Reasons for Opting for Medical Emergency and Crash Trolleys

It is essential to own a medical emergency crash trolley as it can be maneuvered anywhere you want to take it. As these can carry multiple things at one time, there is no wastage of time in an emergency. These trolleys are sturdy and avoid toppling. Most of these trolleys are made of stainless steel which is a sturdy material and is durable. As it is used in a hospital, they should be and can be easily sterilized every day.

  • Features of  The Medical and Emergency Crash Trolleys

There are multiple rods fixed keeping the durability factor in mind. The castor in these trolleys makes the movement convenient. As the brakes are monitored by hand, it is easy to stop these when required. The drawers are specifically designed so that the medicines and equipment do not topple over while running with the trolley in an emergency and do not intermingle.

  • Who Needs a Crash Cart?

Almost every hospital, big or small, needs to invest in a good and durable medical emergency crash trolley. Since the footfall of patients is continuous including those in emergency and life-threatening situations, it is required to invest in a medical emergency crash trolley. These include outpatient surgery centers, hospitals, centers where sedation is performed and urgent care centers. Nursing homes treating patients with cardiac arrest also require this trolley.

  • Choosing A Medical Emergency and Crash Trolleys

There are specific factors to consider before you opt for a medical emergency crash trolley and some of these are listed below.

  1. As there are a number of suppliers offering these trolleys it is essential to research well enough so that the specific trolley can meet the medical requirement for the facility. It is also necessary to find a well-reputed supplier who has the experience as this can make choosing easier.
  2. List out the requirements before you start your search as this can help you buy a trolley which can fit all your requirements to the tee.
  3. Make ‘hygiene’ a priority as this trolley will be used for medical purposes. You might find different materials available but opt for the one which is durable and sturdy so that it can last long and can be sterilized easily.
  4. Check out the castors and the brakes as these are ‘essentials’ to be considered before opting for a trolley.
  5. You can think of opting for a trolley which is foldable and portable.
  6. Talking about the price, it is better to spend a little more and opt for one which speaks of ‘quality’ rather than opting for a cheap one with no guarantee.
  7. Lastly, check out the security and the locking system of the medical emergency crash trolley.

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