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Investing in Beauty

by Tatiana Plesco
Investing in Beauty

Like it or not, beauty is more than skin deep. Study after study has shown us that how we appear to ourselves and others, as well as how much care we put into our appearance, can have a profound impact on everything from our love lives to our careers. Our looks are important to our mental health and to our daily lives. That’s why there’s nothing shallow about making a real investment in our appearance.

Improving your appearance is something that you can do. It’s within your means, and it can be done with the help of professionals or through simple changes in your daily life — or, better yet, through both methods combined. Here are a few of your options for investing in your beauty.

Focus on diet and exercise (and not just weight loss)

It’s no secret that slimming down and getting athletic will make you sexier to most folks, and it’s also no secret that diet and exercise are your best bet for doing so. But you have other reasons than just these for considering your lifestyle as a way to improve your looks.

Think beyond “calories in, calories out” and focus on nutrition. Good nutrition is good for everything from our skin to our fingernails, and it will give you a glow that no beauty product can replicate. You can think of your food as your beauty secret. Meanwhile, of course, you should strive to stay active and eat the right amount of those healthy foods so that you can stay at a healthy weight.

Care for your mental health

mental health

Happiness and self-confidence really can make you more attractive — studies prove it. When you’re secure in the way you look and the life you have, you can turn that into even more reasons to feel happy with what you’ve got. You’ll get more attractive even as you appreciate your own attractiveness, Of course, this is easier said than done. If we could all snap our fingers and convince ourselves that we look great, we wouldn’t need articles like this. But seeking mental health care is a great first step toward a happier and more fulfilling life.

Get the right beauty products for you

Beauty products make us more beautiful, but they don’t all work the same way for the same people. Rather than seeking a “magic bullet” for your beauty needs, you should look for products that work well for you.

That means more testing out things and less reading of reviews and magazine tips. But the hands-on approach will pay off when you have makeup that matches your skin, products that smell nice to you and encourage you to actually use them, and beauty solutions that address your biggest needs and concerns, not the general needs of the masses. You’re unique, and your beauty solutions should be, too!

Plastic surgery

For some, plastic surgery feels like a much different sort of solution than the others on this list. But that’s not necessarily the right way to look at it. Plastic surgery is a powerful and safe way to maximize one’s looks. Good plastic surgery works in concert with our best natural features and brings out the most beautiful things about us. Plastic surgery can be good for our self-esteem, too, which can lead to a virtuous cycle (because, as studies have proven, self-confidence can cause others to see us as more attractive).

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery should absolutely be an option for those who want to change things about their appearance that are beyond the reach of solutions like an improved diet, explain Westchester plastic surgery experts. We don’t have to live with things that we dislike about our own appearance, and plastic surgery can play an important role in a healthy approach to beauty. If you’re curious about your options, you should speak to a plastic surgeon or ask your primary care provider or mental health provider how to proceed.

Updated: 5 April 2019

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