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Liquid Eyeliner Tips for Would-Be Brides

by Tatiana Plesco
Liquid Eyeliner Tips for Would-Be Brides

Liquid eyeliner can create amazing dramatic eyes – perfect for looking stunning on your wedding day – however, applying it yourself can be a complete nightmare with uneven lines and smudges.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be worrying about what your liquid eyeliner looks like and whether or not it’s going to stay looking good for the whole of the day and the reception into the evening.

But with a few tips and tricks and preparation, there is no reason why you can’t do your own makeup on the big day and end up with perfectly glammed-up eyes which look sparkling from morning through tonight.

Here are our top tips for using liquid eyeliner as part of your make-up on your wedding day:

  1. Choose your eyeliner carefully

Try using a number of different liquid eyeliners well before the wedding day, so you can practice and see which kind of eyeliner you like to work with the best. Whether you choose a pen-style liner or one with a brush, is up to you but make sure you choose a quality waterproof liner which you feel confident working with.

Choose your eyeliner carefully


  1. Have a steady hand

Make sure you have a hard firm surface to lean on with your elbow, so you have a steady hand when applying your eyeliner. This is key to creating a stable steady line when you apply the pen. Don’t try to apply it standing up in front of a mirror – you need a steady stable approach for liquid eyeliner.

If you think you will struggle with this it might be worth enlisting the help of a friend or a professional make-up artist to apply the eyeliner for you on your wedding day.

  1. Set your eyeliner before and after

To keep your eyeliner in place on your wedding day, use powder across your eyelid before you apply, to make sure you aren’t applying it on the greasy or wet skin which will make it slide. Once it has dried, set it again with some black eyeshadow to keep it dry and in place all day long. You can always top up with the black eyeshadow if need be, just watch it doesn’t cause dirty streaks if the emotion of the day gets to you and the tears start to flow.

  1. Apply it as close as you can to your eyelashes

When you are lining your eyes, make sure to get the liquid eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible with no gaps. If there is a gap it will reduce the intensity of the look you are trying to create. This can be tricky to use a magnifying mirror and take your time to make sure you develop the best effect.

  1. Don’t apply it in a straight line

It is tricky to try to create a single line in one go – try connecting the bottom line with the top line at the corner so they sweep up. Follow the natural curve of your eyelash line to make sure there are no gaps and it sweeps the right way making your eye look more open. You can try applying the liner in stages if it’s too hard to create a single sweep in one go; just make sure there are no gaps between.

  1. Switching up from wedding to reception

If you want to adjust your make-up from the wedding day through to the evening reception, then adapt your eyeliner, joining up the top and bottom lines in the corner, and top off at night time with a brighter bold colored eyeshadow to make a more dramatic look.

  1. Apply mascara at the end

The best way to ensure a great result with your eyeliner is to apply it and your eyeshadow first, and then wait until the very end before adding your mascara. You are less likely to overdo the mascara if you apply it after the liner is in place.

If you are planning to do your own make-up on your wedding day, liquid eyeliner creates a stunning look, opening your eyes wide perfect for those wedding day photographs. However, it takes a steady hand and a few tips and tricks to get it right and make sure it will last all day long.

Apply mascara

Moving from wedding day to wedding reception, it is easy to adapt your eye makeup to create a more dramatic and glamorous evening look without too much hard work, as liquid eyeliner is very adaptable.

If you think it’s all too much trouble then why not opt for a professional make-up artist to come along on the day instead and apply your chosen liquid eyeliner for you – that way you are sure to end up with the look you are hoping to achieve.

Updated on 10-08-2020

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