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Listen what your inner temple tells you from within. Each cell in our body hears us and listens our thoughts

by Tatiana Plesco
inner temple
Each thought in our brain accommodates an electromagnetic field of possibilities. They are attracted to other magnetic energies as well as vibration. When they gather enough energy to form a connection, they give birth to the object of your intent in the form of matter.
Each thought has a vibrational pulse that magnetizes other similar ideas. As you respond to this calling, they start blinking, and then it connects with the image of what lies inherent in each of them, and it creates the work with which fell.
In other words, all your thoughts, whatever they are, have the potential to manifest themselves. Belief creates a wormhole and vibrational thought-form. DNA has its language, very similar to that of humans. Human language to rely on the style of DNA.
Every cell in the body, listening to every word you talk and think and create in it a dialogue. Nothing gets overlook from DNA, even occasional thoughts or jokes. Everything is taken seriously, filtered through the heart, and then processed until it gives a form.
DNA thinks you’re the ultimate boss, sees you like a God, and obeys the words correctly and every fad that you broadcast yourself. DNA does not know to distinguish jokes from the rest of thoughts; its structure does not include this form of intelligence; he responds to all ideas and words. As you learn to communicate with our inner universe, to create your heaven on Earth, it is essential to make space in your daily routine and spend time in your heart. The meditative state is very simple alpha, if you close your eyes and take a look inside, to the singular point of pure Light.
When we enter into the Inner Temple, the dialogue with the DNA is heard loud and clear without any background noise. As communication with our consciousness reaches a cell deeper, we discover that we have infinite creative ways available.

Brainpower works

We are inside the temple, contemplating the columns of Light and possibilities. We think of options and results. Our cells for everything and anything is possible. Self is the one that we censor your deepest desires, creating a pool in which we play, instead of an ocean to swim.
How could we let us be against ourselves and sabotaging what the universe intended us to do?
When we are in a refined state of communication with DNA, using light waves, we can travel to the past, in the future, and in everything that exists between them. We can transcend time and space.
In this place of truth, which connects in time and space, we can see the future, we can heal the past, and we can connect to the most profound truths.
When we went down there inside, everything is possible. Up to us to keep that precious pearl of possibility and not to miss in everyday life. After visiting the eternal universe space inside, follow carefully and with purity, all the treasures you bring to the surface.
These are truths of the cells that you bring with you. You are the keeper of what you could be of what ones were…and of what will be. Comply with them as the most precious treasure. These are the worlds waiting to be born.
Updated on 12/10/2019

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