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Living Longer Thanks Glucosamine

by Tatiana Plesco
Living Longer Thanks Glucosamine

The dietary supplementation with glucosamine may extend our lives by up to ten percent. Those, at least, are the results suggested by a Swiss study. Glucosamine occurs naturally in the human body and there is a component of various tissues. But glucosamine can also be taken as a dietary supplement and in addition has interesting side effects, such as the improvement of chronic joint symptoms. It sounds a bit like a science fiction movie. A certain substance is to delay the death and thereby extend the lifetime – by a full ten percent.

With a life expectancy of 70 years, for example, this would correspond to a gift of seven additional years! Dr. Michael Ristow and his colleagues at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have conducted a study which had absolutely nothing to do with science fiction, but still revolved around the life extension and was published in the spring of 2014 in the journal Nature Communications. Glucosamine is called the “miracle cure”. Dr. Ristow and his team of researchers lead the study in nematodes and mice, which they wanted to determine whether and how glucosamine affects the life expectancy.

The life of roundworms who received glucosamine was five percent longer than that of the animals that had to do without glucosamine. Now the man has not really much in common with a nematode. Therefore, the researchers then gave the glucosamine into the lining of mice after all – as human beings – are among the mammals.

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The subjects were already 100 days old. This corresponds to about 65 years in humans. And that was like the nematodes also in the mice that glucosamine prolongs life. Namely, the mice that got mixed in their feed glucosamine, had a ten percent longer life than their counterparts from the glucosamine free control group. In the human body, Glucosamine occurs naturally in the connective tissue, cartilage and in the synovial fluid. So far it has been used as a dietary supplement especially for joint problems (eg knee joint osteoarthritis). But the mentioned studies showed that glucosamine may also usefully accompany the cancer therapy.

A dietary supplement with glucosamine thus seems to some degree to compensate for the carbohydrate drate consumption and its influence on metabolism. The discoveries of Dr. Ristows team did not mean, though, that we can live with the help of glucosamine only of pizza, pasta, and cake and still not have to reckon with health consequences.

However, the study could help to reduce at least some of the consequences of a carbohydrate diet. This dietary supplement is recommended for regular use particularly for elderly people because as it was said it helps to restore the connective tissue.

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