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Lose Weight With Green Tea

by Tatiana Plesco
lose weight with Green Tea

In a US study showed that regular intake of decaffeinated green tea in conjunction with running training the body weight reduced by almost 30 percent. The abdominal fat percentage decreased even by as much as 36.6 percent. This mode of action was completely independent of the other diets. The researchers found that green tea combined with running training alters the energy metabolism and reduces the formation of new fat cells.

  • Particularly unhealthy belly fat

Obesity has become a national disease. In western industrialized nations, people are not only getting fatter. The obesity, so the morbid obesity is on the rise. Studies repeatedly show that in light-weight, life expectancy is highest. It comes but on where the fat pads sit. In general, a distinction is made between the pear and the apple type. In the pear type – thighs, buttocks, and hips are strong, the upper body for more narrow. The apple type has especially belly fat – and that’s not good.

Men’s in particular, are affected by the excess belly fat. A carbohydrate-rich diet is traded as a cause, just as a lack of essential amino acids and of course the lack of movement in combination with frequent alcohol consumption.

  • Green tea against belly fat

Belly fat not only increases the appetite, but also cholesterol. It also produces many hormones that are associated with an increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also to asthma may occur, and even the likelihood of developing dementia increases with growing belly. Dr. Sudathip Sae-tan and colleagues at Pennsylvania State University then went on the search for a method to move the belly fat body.

Sixteen weeks, they conducted an experiment on mice that were fed high-fat. Some of the mice received decaffeinated green tea extract, a part made running training. At another group, the combination was tested from two measures. A fourth group was given only to control calorie food.

  • Dream Team: Green tea and Sport

The scientists found that those mice had risen at the end of the study at least belly fat who took the decaffeinated green tea extract and regularly driven sports. Although green tea extract and movement were also individually positive impact on the belly fat, in combination, they were much more effective: The mice were lighter by 27 percent and 36.6 percent had less abdominal fat than the control group. The blood sugar level of the mice decreased by 17 percent and their energy increased.

The researchers suggest that green tea and sports specific combination activated enzymes that promote belly fat loss.

Japanese drink green tea almost every day and they are fit and slim until old age. Is it a coincidence? Probably not.

  • But how does the green tea influence the melting of the belly fat?

Green tea provides at least two mechanisms for the reduction of abdominal fat and thus supports weight loss. Firstly, the green tea boosts your metabolism, so that even at rest enhances the calories to be burned – even if the sport is not on the agenda.

Secondly, green tea extract lowers the blood sugar levels, which in turn regulates insulin levels. Since a high insulin level inhibits fat loss, can only now – melt the belly fat – with decreasing insulin levels.

  • Green tea not only helps against belly fat

Green tea also contains many highly effective antioxidants. These substances make free radicals harmless, the reach of the environment in our bodies. There they can cause extensive damage to cell degeneration. With its antioxidant effect of green tea prevents, among others – cancers. Also, Alzheimer and dementia can be prevented or delayed by the green tea consumption.

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