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Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

by Tatiana Plesco

Losing weight the healthy way, without starving themselves, is the desire of many overweight people. Each obese strives permanently to reduce weight healthily. How one must reduce weight without getting hungry all the time, and stay healthy and fit.

  • Diets do not help you lose weight.

More and more people make the unfortunate experience that despite its substantial measures – such as the maintenance of a strict diet, the calorie count, etc. – after an initial small weight loss occurs, the weight seems to stop at the same level. You cannot lose weight permanently. The resulting frustration always causes discontinuation of the most short-term diet. And that’s a good thing because these so-called “success dieting” does not work to lose weight. Also, these nonsense diets can lead to significant health problems.

The reasons for the failure of most diets are versatile. In addition to the lack of movement, we now eat far too many foods that contain no or very few enzymes. For example:

  1. Denatured foods (cooked, frozen, microwave, etc.)
  2. Processed foods (ready meals etc.)
  3. Foods with chemical additives
  4. Sugary foods

At the same time, we have a severe lack of enzymatic active foods that are very important for weight loss. These includes:

  1. Fruit
  2. Raw vegetables
  3. Healthy Salads
  4. Nuts
  5. Sprouts

The difference between food (not heated, active) and food (denatured, dead) is in particular in the presence or absence of enzymes.

The utilization of food is a metabolic process in which many digestive enzymes are involved. They split the meal and crush them so that they can be delivered as through the small intestine into the bloodstream ultimately. In this way, the nutrients supplied to the individual organs. Each digestive enzyme has a specific task:

  1. Lipases used to break down fat.
  2. Proteases break down proteins in the body.
  3. Celluloses help in the breakdown of cellulose (fiber)
  4. Amylases break down starch.
  • Enzyme deficiency makes it difficult to lose weight.

A deficiency of the enzymes mentioned above means that the food cannot be utilized appropriately. Residues are not fully recycled food in excess exist; they stored in the body as fat tissue. Especially people who have a higher proportion of fat cells due to an enzyme deficiency tend to gain weight much faster than people whose fat cells share is healthy.

  • Take advantage of the benefits of vegetables.

To meet the protein requirement, we recommend using the plant protein to supplement the diet of the Lupine. Lupine consists of a high-quality essential protein. This necessary protein concentrate contains all the essential amino acids (the building blocks from which the different proteins composed). In addition to its complex amino acid content, the Lupine to a high mineral and iron content very easily recoverable.

  • Our cells need high-quality protein.

On the sufficient supply of high-quality proteins is to look for in a weight reduction necessarily. These proteins used to build new cells (organ, muscle, skin, bone cells) and required for antibodies of the immune system and the development of hormones, enzymes, and much more. The Lupine has overall other proteins that have the advantage that it has a strong satiating effect. That’s what makes the Lupine ideal companion in weight loss.

  • Make losing weight and durable a good figure.

That requires adherence to the following recommendations:

  • Consequently, say “goodbye” to all finished products.
  • Daily intake of sufficient amounts of fruit and vegetables in raw or steamed form
  • A regular supply of concentrated enzymes
  • Supply of high-quality vegetable proteins
  • Activation of metabolism by daily movement

In other words, eat in abundance, don’t starve yourself. Teach yourself, your body, and your cells to get used to high-quality food, which consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. In the beginning, it may be difficult because the cells have memory, and they used low-quality food. But there is nothing impossible. Even if we split the word impossible, it tells us, “I’m possible,” I can do it. Change your life today so you can benefit from it tomorrow.

Updated: 26 June 2020

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