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Make Your Own Energy Drink At Home

by Tatiana Plesco
Energy Drink At Home

Today, I got somewhat carried away while working out over the weekend and did a bit more than I could handle.  Although I did feel fresh and nice thereafter but was also very tired by the time I reached home.  I wanted to just lie down and do nothing, and then suddenly remembered the homemade energy drink that my friend gave me last time when I was in New York.  That was also when we were tired after a day long trekking.  After having that, I had suddenly felt full of energy.

The name that she gave the drink was limeade – something similar to and yet different from the ordinary lemonade which we normally have. I tried making my own version of limeade based on what I remembered and was surprised how simple and easy it was.  I really felt full of energy and am sharing the same with you; just in case you feel the need of a sudden burst of energy after a long time tiring day. As the name suggests, limeade is made with lime with a dash of sugar in it.  However, if you are more health conscious like me, it would be prudent to substitute sugar with honey. It would make it taste almost similar and yet retain the health benefits. I am giving just 3 variants of limeade but there is certainly no limit to the number of permutations and combinations you can carry out by your own innovations.

Limeade as a drink

  • Ingredients in limeade

  1. Clean lime juice – 1 cup (use 7 to 9 limes)
  2. Filtered water or soda – 4 cups
  3. Fresh Honey – 1/4 cup (you can also use agave nectar)
  4. Fresh Coconut sugar – 1/2 Tbsp. (can use any other sugar or honey)
  5. Little bit Ice – to serve for you
  6. Tequila (non-compulsory) – 32 ml
  • Instructions

Press all the limes using a citrus juicer (or by hand) till you have about 1 cupful of lime juice. Mix this juice with water in a large bowl. To this add sugar or honey and mix it well till it dissolves. You can use an egg beater for mixing. Thereafter, add and mix coconut sugar into it until it gets fully dissolved. Serve this over a few cubes of ice

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