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Makeup Is An Important Tool Of Any Female

by Tatiana Plesco
Makeup Is An Important Tool

It is common knowledge that makeup is an important tool for any female that helps her stay beautiful and fashionable. However, few of us understand what a powerful weapon it can be. Carried out by an expert stylist, a makeup session can actually have a visual effect of a malleable surgery. I have been using makeups since 12 but the first introduction to the art of expert cosmetics changed my life forever.

The first twosome of lessons at a makeup school in Europe prepared I fall in love with this unbelievable art that needs nothing more than knowledge and a little creativity. Well, most of us women possess a share of originality and curiosity but seldom get a chance to learn appreciated tricks from a stylist/cosmetologist. So, here are some of the simplest and maximum effective tips to continuously stay irresistible:

Any perfect makeup starts with the well-prepared membrane. Great makeup is not about a price. However, even the most costly professional brands will look bad on a skin that is not taken care of on a regular foundation. Love your face and treasure 15 minutes a day to take care of it: ALWAYS remove daily makeup carefully before going to bed, use eye cream and facial creams that fit you and your age for myself (it requires some experimenting), occasionally treat your skin with masks that meet your requirements (optional twice a week) or facials in a salon if you can afford it (talk over it with your cosmetologist).

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Whenever you remove makeup or apply ointments/masks, follow the so-called ‘message lines’. It will prevent your skin from emerging premature wrinkles below the stress of everyday makeover (essentially, you will not have to stretch your skin in a ‘wrong’ way that causes early wrinkles).

Browse, tops and once again browse! Keeping your brows shaped and clipped will make a world of difference. When a cosmetologist works at a female’s brows for the first time choosing the right shape and trimming them in the approved manner, it often changes a face drastically.

Once you are ready to apply a make up the most essential’s thing to know is that a makeup’s purpose is first of all to skin little inadequacies, correct them and underline natural pluses of a woman’s face. A faultless makeup should be almost too small to see and very flattering to your personal type of skin and look (as well as age). Easy to say! How just do we hide minutes and stress pluses? The most important rules are very simple: apply darker shades to the whole thing that needs to be visually concealed or narrowed down and lighter shades to stress or visually expand certain areas. Use only colors that flatter your skin and stage and colors that go with each other.

Updated on 06-08-2020

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