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Men’s Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet for all Occasions

by Tatiana Plesco
Men's Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet for all Occasions

In order to look charming at any formal gathering, you need to become a pro in wearing suits. Wearing suits the right way is an art. To look good, you need to look into finer details of wearing suit. These details are where all the difference lies. This article is all about the right way to carry a suit along with those perfect details.

  • # Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of any formal suit. They solve the purpose of enhancing the overall appearance of the outfit. There are various types of suit accessories that are available. Ties, lapel pins and cufflinks are just to name a few.

  • Ties are essential with any suit you wear. I need to blend well and stand out also. A plain tie will be perfect with an embroidered shirt. Similarly, knotting the tie in a right way is also very important. A dimple near the knot is considered to be a sign of a well-knotted tie.

  • Cufflinks are a great accessory. There are many varieties of cufflinks available. Stone studded, glass, titanium and even silk ones are trending these days. They are only worn with french cuffed shirts.
  • Pocket squares gain a lot of attention. They highlight the otherwise single colored suit and enhance its overall appearance. The pocket square should be a contrasting color and somewhat similar in tone to the tie for a perfect look.

  • Tie clips are considered to be stylish a well as useful. It serves the purpose to keep the tie in place, preventing a shabby look.
  • Lapel pins are worn on the lapel of the jacket. The purpose of lapel pins is either ornamental or the wearer’s association with any other thing. It is just a matter of personal preference what would one like to wear.
  • # Jacket

The jacket when worn completes the suit. There are various elements in a jacket that require wearer’s attention.

  • Lapels on the jacket need to close to the width of the tie. Lapels are thinner these days. Lapels are further of notched, shawled and peaked styles.
  • Darts are basically folds of fabric sewn in at the joints. Their main purpose is to provide shape to the jacket. You need to make sure that the darts are minimal near the collar and buttons.
  • Length of the coat sleeve plays a very important role in the overall look. It needs to expose half inch of the coat sleeve. Too long or too short, it will give a clumsy look.
  • Shoulder seam needs to fit naturally on the shoulders of the wearer. Type of shoulder chosen determines the formality level of the jacket. Some the styles are unpadded, lightly padded, roped and heavily padded.
  • Armhole in suit is important. Imagine someone lifting his arm and the whole jacket goes up. Armhole size needs to be custom made. A perfect cut armhole enhances your overall appearance.
  • Buttons in the jacket are more than just what you need to close your jacket. As per today’s trends you need to leave the bottom button of your jacket left open. If it is a three button jacket, the mid button needs to be fastened always along with the top button sometimes.
  • # Bottomwear

Most of the men give more attention to their jackets and shirts. It is important to concentrate on your bottom wear also. A well-fitted trouser enhances your overall look. Various styles of trousers suit different body types.

  • Fit, fabric, and style of the trousers are the most important elements.
  • The seat of the trouser is the backside of any bottom wear. It needs to well fitted without any horizontal wrinkles. It needs to be free from any u-shaped bunching.
  • Pleated trousers are never out of fashion but flat front trousers are also in fashion currently. The pleats of the trouser need to properly ironed. Pleated trousers need to be worn on the waist and not on hips. Else it will give a clumsy look.
  • Break in a trouser needs to be perfect. Too much of gather at the bottom makes you look clumsy and too short and the look of the trousers is destroyed, making it look like a Capri.The perfect break is a slight wrinkle at the bottom of the shoe.

To learn more about Men’s suit cheat sheet, have look at the following infographic shared by Apparel99.

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