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The Microwave- a true killer in your home!

by Tatiana Plesco
Disadvantage of Microwave

Is it possible that millions of people sacrifice their health without knowing of the dangers to which they’re exposed? Why did the Soviet Union ban these devices in 1976? Who invented the microwave and why? How does it work? There are several questions we will try to answer in this article. The answers might shock you so hard that it is possible, as has happened to me personally, I do not even want to give it to someone else, but simply throw it in the trash.

Assume that everyone knows already now as the food we eat has a direct connection with our physical health, mental and spiritual. The foods can cure or make us sick, according to the way they were raised, harvested, stored, handled, prepared and cooked.

The most efficient and secure way of eating foods is in their most natural state as possible, raw. But not everybody is prepared to do that and on the other side are some foods that cannot be eaten raw, so people have found ways to cook them.
The value of the food preparation is the date of availability, economy, and efficiency (quickness).
It is also one of the reasons why fast food has become a big success. It’s not necessarily the taste how fast method of cooking and serving, as well as availability and of course the economy. For those who don’t know, American fast food offers the cheapest food, if you can call it food.
The problem actually comes from this fast food preparation. Wanting to sell something apparently nutritious, at a higher speed, everything is prepacked, preserved and stored long before. And the “cooking methods” is to give the impression of hot meals are ‘ frying ‘ or warming up. And what device is used for the fastest heating or cooking? You guessed it: the microwave.
If we are to think well, many of our homes are turning slowly in small fast-food restaurants, where if we do not bring or order such a ‘ food ‘, we prepare it already prepacked, in the microwave. Personally, I think that it is possible that nothing is more dangerous for our food than the microwave.
If it’s so dangerous, why are there on the market? At this very moment, many houses have in their apartments such an oven. In fact, there are few people who don’t have it. Not to mention the gourmet restaurants and even different offices of companies the microwave is a basic element. The fact that it is fairly inexpensive, easy to use and does its job in a way that apparently clean and fast, giving a considerable value of this device in almost all cuisines. Few are those who believe that these appliances are dangerous. Of course, if it were dangerous, the Government would say no? Someone would seize and would be banned, right? Well … it seems that indeed, no!

Disadvantage of Microwave

  • How does the microwave work!

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy, such as radio waves and occupy a portion of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy or power. Microwaves are a form of very short waves (hence the name) that travel at the speed of light. In our modern world, microwaves are used for phone calling at large distances, television programs, the internet, satellites and so on. But for many of us, it is just a notion related to baking or warming up fast food.
The microwave is equipped with a magnetron, a tube in which electrons are affected by magnetic and electric fields so as to produce microwave radiation at around 2450 MHz. These radiations interact with the molecules in food. All waves change their polarity from positive to negative with each cycle of the waveform. In the case of microwaves, this change occurs millions of times per second. Molecules of food, especially of water have a positive and negative polarity magnet has a North and South.

In commercial models, these ovens having a power of 1000 watts. While microwaves generated by the magnetron bomb food, they are polar molecules to rotate at the same frequency of million times per second. All this agitation create molecular friction which heats the food. Friction is also the cause of much damage to the surrounding molecules, they destroy, they break or distort them forcibly.

Compare it with the sun, microwaves are generated based on the principles of direct current does not create heat that pulsed through friction. Microwaves generated by ovens use alternating waves that create heat through friction. At these, energy waves are going in one narrow frequency energy spectrum, while Sun’s energy operates in a very broad frequency spectrum. While the warmth of the sun comes from the outside inside progressively, in this case, microwaves from ovens, heat comes from the inside out. Maybe this part is a little too technical or scientific, (and I was tired of this explanation as well), but we need to know how this thing works to understand it.

  • Dangerous for babies

Unfortunately, more and more young mothers use the microwave to heat the milk for their babies. For many of them, it is a quick and easy method, but most don’t realize that in fact, the few minutes extra can seriously affect children’s health.
In an article published in 1989 in one of the most respected medical journals the Lancet, Dr. Lita Lee asserted: ‘ baby Formulas heated in the microwave transform some trans amino acids into synthetic isomers. Isomers are not biologically active synthetic. Moreover, an amino acid PROLINE is converted to d-isomer, which is known to be a neurotoxin (nerve poison) and a neurotoxin (poison the kidneys). It’s bad enough not only to the fact that babies are not breastfed at the mother’s breast but now they are given ‘ fake ‘ milk turned into something poisonous by the microwave.

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