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Mobile Phones and Tumors. What You Need To Know?

by Tatiana Plesco
Phones and Tumors
Do mobile phones show a higher risk of developing cancer? As in any situation like this, it would be several decades before scientists will be able to give a final answer to this question. In the meantime, however, more and more studies show that radiation emitted by mobile phones are not devoid of risks and are likely to have carcinogenic effects.
Prevention is always a safety measure and as long as scientists still explore the effects of radiation on the neionice of our bodies, it would not be bad for us to take a few precautions.

Let’s not forget that smoking was considered at one point risk-free. Is it wouldn’t be a good choice to use our cell phones ‘ smart ‘ in smart more ‘ ways ‘?

The connection between the cell and cancer Controversy regarding the “cancer caused by mobile phones” is far from being clarified and will last years here before up to a final conclusion.
Here are a few things, though, that there are secure: Radiation emitted by the cell is an energy and a type of radiofrequency radiation electromagnetic radiation we classified as similar harmful waves emitted by radar and microwave. Ion radiation it is known that can cause cancer and includes x-rays and radium.
The latest scientific evidence which shows that radiation emitted by wireless technology presents a huge risk to public health comes from a series of partial information provided a broad survey, amounting to $25 million, conducted by program The US National Toxicology.
The researchers found that exposure to radiation emitted by a strong signal from the cell phone led to a slight increase in the risk of malignant glioma in the brain and heart to schwannoma male rats. Schwannomas are tumors that form in the nerve sheath.
cell phone radiation
Otis w. Brawley, the chief physician of the clinic and the American Cancer Society, characterized the study as a ‘ scientific quality ‘ and added: ‘ Report prepared by PTN, which shows the connection between radiofrequency radiations (RFR) and two types of cancer, marks the turning for a moment in our understanding on the radiation and cancer risk.
The results are unexpected; We do not expect these radiations cause tumors. This is an example of the need of studies events talks for themselves serious cancer risk assessment. It is interesting to note that older studies that have associated smoking with lung cancer have encountered the same lack of trust because theoretical arguments at that time suggest that there’s nothing to do. ‘
The study mentioned above found that there was a reaction depending on the dose. This means that if the dose is higher, and the risk increases proportionally. The results confirmed the conclusions of some previous research which suggests that radiation from mobile phones could risk of gliomas. Acoustic Neurinomas were also associated with the use of cell phones.
In 2011, the World Health Organization has listed as cellular phones emitted radiation as a carcinogen, i.e. a potential 2B carcinogen to humans. Considering the fact that mobile phones are used in large-scale barely since 1990, epidemiological studies analyzing the risks of long-term exposure to mobile phones may not be detected the harmful effects to people, so that they do not have manifested yet.
Studies that analyze exposure to radiation emitted by mobile phones and tumors and other health problems have obtained different results: Swedish Researchers have found a higher risk of formation of tumors in the head where the phone is, you especially after the use of at least 10 years.
Other studies have found in their great majority, but, like brain tumors do not develop on that side of the head where the people declare that use celularele. Most studies do not show a “reaction to the dose relationship,” which means that greater use of the mobile phone does not seem to increase the risk of tumors in the brain. People who start to use phones at the teenage presents a higher risk of brain cancer.
The Sperm of men exposed to radiation emitted by mobile phones is dying three times faster in the DNA and mitochondria are affected three times more compared with men who are not exposed to radiation emitted by the cell.
Brain Tumors
Environmental health team mentioned that many of the studies that do not demonstrate an increased risk of tumors are studies carried out for periods of less than five or seven years, and as the Organization looks, brain tumors develop in the course of 10 years now.
Simple methods of protection: did you know that homophobia, or fear of not having a cell phone, it’s an almost real phobia? With over 300 million users declared in the West-from which millions are afraid to remain without no phone-it’s easy to imagine what the world health crisis might trigger if confirmed without the shadow of a doubt the connection between the cell and cancer.
Even if the radiation emitted by the cell causes cancer or not, this exposure has proven that affects the ph balance in the body, making it more acidic. Mobile phones are associated with damage to the sperm, to sleep and metabolizing glucose, which means that there are other reasons why it’s better to take precautions and to avoid excess exposure to radiation.
It is also recommended to avoid as can exposure to radiation emitted by wireless technology, and about children is even necessary. Children are growing and their skull is much thinner, allowing radiation to penetrate more easily.


Independent studies published lately shows that radiation emitted by mobile phones can promote the development of certain types of cancer, including malignant gliomas in brain and heart schwannoma. People use mobile phones more frequently since the ‘ 90, that’s why we don’t have clear evidence yet that they cause cancer or not.
However, in the case of smoking, for example, it took a few decades to prove that cigarettes cause lung cancer. There is evidence that sleep affects phones and metabolism of glucose and that increase the risk of cancer, so it’s okay for people to use precautions.
There are many simple ways that you can take to keep your phone further away from the body.  Don’t sleep with your phone in the room, write texts instead of talk, whenever possible, in order to keep the phone away from the body, close it or put it on airplane mode as you drive, flying on a plane or climb. Avoid fixed wireless phones.

They emit dangerous radiation, similar to that of mobile phones.

Updated: 8 April 2019

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