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Moles, Is It Safe To Remove Them Or Not

by Tatiana Plesco
Mole Removing

In scientific terms, we can say that the mole is the pathology of the skin, which may eventually spur the emergence of serious problems. Recently, there is an increase the number of people that have this “gift of nature.” Well, if the mole does not cause trouble. Then you should not worry. But under the influence of environmental factors, data quality skin lesions may vary. A consequence of this becomes skin cancer. Therefore it is necessary to consult a dermatologist or an oncologist for any occasion associated with any changes in the “behavior” of different spots located on your body. Then it becomes possible to the survey a timely decision on the need for medical intervention and rehabilitation course after removal of birthmarks and moles.

  • Indications for removal of moles

They can be conditionally divided into two groups according to the type of the moles.

Indications for removal of moles

  1. The first involves the so-called good moles that do not degenerate into malignant tumors and do not cause significant physical trouble. The decision about the removal of moles can be connected only with aesthetic considerations. Indeed, often the owner of the birthmark perceives it as a cosmetic defect and prevents the adaptation of man in society.
    Sometimes national traditions play a role. For example, in Japan there is a cult of “pure skin”, and any birthmarks are not allowed.
  2. The second brings together those entities that must be removed for medical reasons:
  3. – Protruding or other birthmarks, exposed to constant injuries (on the back of a bra for women, men on the cheeks, etc.);
  4. – Rebirth, which leads to the appearance of cancer.
  • Signs of degeneration of moles following:

  1. – Increase in size;
  2. – Change of color;
  3. – The appearance of the seal;
  4. – Change in the shape and texture;
  5. – The occurrence of unpleasant and painful sensations;
  6. – The disappearance of the hair coat is initially present.
  • The most common methods of removing moles:

  1. – Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen is applied);
  2. – Removal of the acidity or alkalinity;
  3. – Electric destruction (or electrocautery);
  4. – Radiowave and laser ablation;
  5. – Surgical excision.
  • Contraindications to remove moles

Contraindications to remove moles

There are times when you categorically cannot remove birthmarks. The reason for not removing birthmarks can be:

  1. – Cardiovascular disease;
  2. – Chronic diseases at acute stage;
  3. – Skin pathology.

In any case, decide on further action only after the doctor will carry out the necessary tests and examinations.

Updated: 07-02-2018

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